Gemma Louise Miles Truth Revealed

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  • Unless evidence of photographs of receipts or videos provided with word for word confirmation and tattle speculation will be marked as unsure.
    if evidence is available please add to wiki for reference.

    Started YouTube April 2018 after home Instagram account reached 30k,
    originally started Instagram 2016

    Original Vlog content types:
    make up tutorials (first video a kardasian’s make up tutorial)
    Clean with me
    B&M hauls
    Homesense Hauls
    Home styling vlogs
    Girl nights with best friend Sophie
    Brands introduced, mostly cleaning supplies and her hair extensions Foxylocks.

    Boyfriend at start of YouTube Charley (home owner) Gemma lived with him in Peterborough.
    Tilly the Cat was Gemma’s, a indoor cat that is loved and cared for.
    Gemma was working for a employer, unsure of date of resignation and full time Youtuber status

    March 2019: Gemma moved out of Charley’s house and into rented cottage in village without explanation (My Little Cottage). Gemma does video stating break up later on and states it was amicable.
    On Tattle discussions of cheating rumours occurred and or general natural break up as two people move apart - unsure.

    Cottage Content
    decoration of new rental, heavy features of new sofa and cleaning products
    featured vlog content
    intermittent fasting,
    manifesting with law of attraction,
    what I eat in a day
    B&M hauls, Homesense hauls/visits
    more heavily featured visits with Sophie - outings, pjs stay overs, making dinner
    clean with me

    mention of boyfriend who is introduced in 1/2 vlogs then never seen again.

    6 January 2021: Teddy the cat is introduced, sadly Tilly is no longer featured as much after Teddy and seems only to be filmed if happens to be in kitchen with Gemma for the tap or is being irritated by Teddy. Still treated well but favouritism towards Teddy.

    8 January 2021: Gemma announces moving to new build (renting a new build from a couple but details unclear as she has picked up some finishes, was unclear for a while if she rented or owned it but eventually clarified)

    boyfriend is assumed but not clear, Jaime was one of Gemma’s boyfriends but the distinct timeline of when they broke up.
    Tattle speculation of boyfriend move in - unsure.

    May/June 2021: Gemma is burgled in new build rental property, patio door smashed but no theft occurred even though laptop visible on kitchen table.
    Tattle suspect Jaime is currently not with Gemma at this point but his company then install CCTV cameras for Gemma after incident. Tattle discuss if burglary is real or not - unsure

    26 July 2021: last vlog to fully feature Sophie (thumbnail) no explanation provided for absence to present day.

    Summary of Tattle Speculations Discussion of Reasons for Sophie Disappearing - unsure
    Sophie tired of Gemma using Sophie for content
    Sophie didn’t like/approve of Jaime (controlling, history of bad relationships with unconfirmed evidence, unconfirmed speculation of link with CCTV installed post break in)
    Sophie changed job that requires less social media presence e.g. police 👮 unsure
    Sophie grown apart from Gemma during Covid-19 and wants more of a party friend as Gemma now mostly stays home and videos hardly feature out of home content.

    Jaime is hinted at and you see two plates for meals but he is not fully introduced until later on, on a date night vlog

    27 March 2021: Jaime boyfriend tag video

    28 June 2021: Moved with Jaime to present home = 1st purchased property (Our Home) in Wisbech speculation that it cost the region of £450,000

    24 December 2021: Engagement to Jaime announced
    copy from Elle Darby her hero who had announced her engagement the previous year at same time.
    overshadowed by the Elle Darby racist tweet scandal resurrection (please read Elle Darby wiki for racist tweet history/screenshots/information)

    5 January 2022: Pregnancy Announcement

    5 February 2022:Gender Reveal (Boy)

    (Due date estimated 20 May 2022) : birth of Baby

    23 May 2022: Gemma posted photo on IG stories of nursery with personalised dummy reading Noah on attached beads.
    speculation that this is baby name as Gemma has chosen to keep name a secret.
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