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    About Becki

    Becki Jones is a TikToker aged 31, who lives at home with her Mum and Dad in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, UK. They have a bidet and that is how she ensures her bum hole and surrounding area is skid free.

    Becki has over 600k followers on TikTok, however, the majority of followers seem to be “hate” commenters who drive up Becki’s engagement. As a result, she gets the odd brand deal or advert to do but appears to be quickly dropped when businesses work out she isn’t “influential” in the sense they want her to be.

    Becki is morbidly obese and both smokes and vapes. She has visibly bad skin, lots of fillings, missing teeth, jaundiced skin round her eyes, a buffalo hump of fat on her back and a tyre where her neck should be, eyes that are being swallowed by the fat on her face, badly swollen feet & hands, gets red, sweaty & out of breath walking a few paces, gets back ache from carrying a bag from store exit to her car, snores really badly, always feels tired, but claims that at a recent health check, her GP said she is “perfectly fit and healthy”. She has an obvious ED / junk food addiction which is fully enabled by her parents. She preaches to her audience that no one should restrict themselves and that eating the way she does is fine. She admits that she’s a smoker, & tries to pass it off as not being a big deal.

    Becki loves adding random “m” sounds at the end of words. E.g. oreganum for oregano and her intro for most of her videos is “hi everywum." Most of her content revolves around eating 3000+ calories a day with zero nutritional value and obsessing over her 16 year old niece, Paige. She claims not to care about trolls and hate comments, but makes regular pity party videums in which she tearfully martyrs herself by addressing the hate saying she’s strong and can take it because TikTok is her career and she’ll never stop. This naturally drives up the validation comments. Around 20% of her following are people who engage with her positively, most of these people appear deluded and a bit thick. Claiming it is “normal” to eat processed takeaways 7 times a week and saying 1000 calories for a meal is “normal”. Any sane person commenting with even any kind and helpful information is shot down by the same few followers.

    Becki has always been work-shy. Prior to her “large” TikTok following, she worked 2 days per week, term times only, with a degree in Childhood and Youth Professional Studies that she got a 2:2 in. She later took a level 3 vocational qualification in early years care and briefly worked as an assistant to a disabled student. In 2022, Becki left her job claiming that she wished to work in a nursery setting. She has since made no mention of job hunting, stating she “lost her drive for it” and now prefers to make a couple of hundred pounds a month from her dead end “TikTok career“ which allows her to eat her way along the fast track to disability benefits.

    She embarked on a very brief ”weight loss journey” in 2021, on which she lost a grand total of about 5lbs before giving up & blaming the pressure of social media for her failure. Since then, she has denied that she was ever on a weight loss journey, claiming it was “little lifestyle changes.” She has subsequently steadily piled on weight whilst employing heavy duty filters to try to make herself appear slimmer. She made a videum strongly denying the use of any slimming filters despite it being glaringly obvious. Becki has appeared on podcasts and in photos with fans (or taken by random people who recognised her on the street.) All these pictures make it clear that she is far bigger than she looks in her heavily filtered videos.

    She has no life of her own, but tags along like a giant toddler with her mum / sister everywhere that they take her nieces and nephews (just in case you didn’t know, Becki absolutely loves being an auntum.) There is always junk food involved in these outings, with her taking every opportunity to stuff herself and her younger relatives with highly processed, high sugar, high fat, high salt crap. She went on a trip to New York in 2017 with her mum & has made it her entire personality alongside eating junk non stop & being a “dance Aunty.” Despite her qualifications in childcare, Becki has clearly forgotten all her safeguarding training; and regularly uses her small nieces and nephews for content on her platform, which largely attracts hate and trolls.

    Becki seems to have peaked at the age of 12 & has not matured emotionally since then. She still uses her school days as a reference point including her claim that she excelled at sports. She also does not take very helpful advice about her skincare. Consistent with being mentally 12, Becki will use skincare whose target audience is about 13. She says she has “rossius” (rosacea) but lots of us think it’s just her skin screaming for nutritious food, hydration & appropriate skincare. Becki has terrible hygiene and seems to pride herself on this. She often goes live on Tiktok with greasy hair and food stuck in her teeth. When someone commented On her visibly greasy hair once during a live she replied she didn’t need to wash it as she had “done it a few days ago” 🤢.

    She had a dog who looks like the most tortured soul we've ever seen, he was named after the love of Becki's life Olly Murs, but we prefer to call him Rickets. He sadly passed away in May 2024 after having evidently been ill for some time, not helped by Becki who gave him terrible food and didn't walk him often enough. #RIPRickets

    Becki likes to claim that trolls are just “jealous” of her. What of, we are yet to find out. Other ludicrous claims from Becki are:

    Outrageous claims from Beckatron

    Her WIEIADs videums are very inaccurate. If we are to believe them, she would be in calorie deficit for her size, and losing weight. Becki strongly denies this and apparently she defies the laws of thermodynamics. To maintain a 25 stone frame takes a considerable amount of calories.

    Claiming to know how to budget meals due to working in a deprived area 2 days per week (job since quit as she enjoys being called a unit every day)

    Says we should “love our imperfections” then hides her chins with numerous objects during lives and videos and only wears the same leggings and tops. Also filters the life out of herself.

    Makes out that she rarely gets takeaways and people unfairly pick on her for getting them once or twice a week when she's tired. Actually gets them most days, often more than once a day. Threads have a running "Takeaway Tracker" where we count up every time Becki gets a takeaway.

    Claims to be a “foodie” yet we have never seen her eat any quality food. She will be visibly aroused eating a kebab or a Big Mac.

    Claiming she has a fear of choking but then shovelling in large spoonfuls of food.

    Claims she doesn’t like biting down with front teeth then videos herself taking large bites out of hard food (eg Easter eggs) with front teeth.

    Her “best friend” is never seen on her videos but we believe it to be Declan, an ex-mod.

    Becki’s content

    Becki started her TikTok in 2020 when she and her niece Paige decided to film themselves making hot chocolate in a slow cooker. Paige didn't want the video on her own TikTok and told Becki to make a new one for it. Somehow the video gained traction and thousands of people followed Becki. Ever since then, she has continued to post content and typically comes out with several videos a day, most of which focus on junk food. Her most common types of video are:
    • GRWM (Get Ready With Me) showing her outfit/makeup for the day
    • WIEIAD (What I Eat In A Day) - blatantly dishonest as it's often apparent from the video that she ate far more than she said.
    • Takeaways - frequent
    • Shopping hauls
    • "Dishing Out Tea" - Becki serves her family's dinner, with far bigger portions for herself than her parents.
    • "What Will The Wheel Decide?" - Becki uses an online "wheel" decision maker thing to decide which drink/takeaway to get or which supermarket to go to, etc.
    • Baking/cooking - often from meal kits or heating frozen food
    • "Workout"/dance/walk videos
    • "Sunday packed lunch" - what we call Suitcase Sunday, see below.
    • New menu - Becki religiously keeps track of whenever McDonalds, Starbucks, Costa, Greggs, and various supermarkets have new seasonal menu items out and always wants to be the first to try the whole range.

    Becki has since tried and failed to recapture the "success" of her original hot chocolate video, including remaking the video with Paige, and trying out various gimmicks with food. She often takes it upon herself to reeeview junk food items, but is incapable of actually describing flavours / textures, leaving the viewer no more enlightened. Everything is “so so good” or amazin or bluuuddy lovely or “my fave.” As well as getting takeaways on at least four days a week, she does an individual food shop almost every day for whatever meals/snacks she wants that day and anything they may be running out of at home. This is a huge waste of time and money but at least it's more content for her!

    Becki loves to “dance”. These videos are often high on engagement from the trolls. Becki has the dancing skills of a potatum but still continues to post videos of herself “dancing”. We use the term loosely as her feet do not move. We think this is another part of her obsession with Paige, who does Morris dancing every Sunday. As of 2024 Becki is again trying to make "small lifestyle changes" which involve her continuing to eat 3000+ calories a day while going on short walks twice a week and doing "dance workouts." She does these very slowly while speeding them up for TikTok, if you play them at regular speed you can see just how slow she is!

    She often shows herself buying huge "hauls" of plastic tat at the supermarket, B&M, Home Bargains, etc. and so much that she can't possibly use it all. For example, she picks up a lot of cheap shower gels (despite seeming not to shower very often) and had a stash of them in her room, why buy more if you haven't used the ones you already have?

    Becki is suspected of having a lot of undeclared ads. She often makes videos about trying new snacks/products (some of which were probably gifts), or will make multiple videos in a row about trying food from the same place. In May 2024 she made quite a few videos about M&S food and deleted comments asking if it was undeclared advertising. She appeared to have been given free tickets to Girls Aloud and added the hashtag "#complimentary" (sic), if the tickets were gifted then she should have clearly labelled it AD. Not knowing the law around disclosure is neglecting a hugely important part of her "job" as an influencer!

    Becki never posts a video less than one minute long which is the minimum length before you make any money from it. Having nothing meaningful to say doesn't stop her and she is happy to sit there repeating herself, padding out her speech with "um" and silences, or just staring blankly at the camera.

    She has no problem promoting unethical brands and services and has frequently shown herself going to M&S, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc. despite calls to boycott them because they fund Israel (she will block anyone who mentions this.) She has also promoted Temu and again ignored or blocked anyone who points out that they are a very unethical retailer.

    Disordered eating

    Becki's food intake consists of processed unhealthy junk, she rarely eats fresh fruit or veg; and every meal has to be infused with butter, sugar and white bread. She cannot even eat porridge without adding huge servings spoons of Nutella or choc chips. She rarely drinks water, and is addicted to full sugar cowwwwwk, which she guzzles by the can from the minute she wakes up (early afternoon) till late at night. In one video Becki claimed she drank 3-6 cans a day which, as well as being a fairly "conservative" estimate, means she gets around 1000 calories a day just from the Coke. She eats most of her meals in her bedroom. It is probable that she uses her dad's stairlift to transport herself and her trays of food up there.

    She demonstrates many signs of disordered eating:
    • Lying a lot about what she eats. As above, her WIEIAD videos are clearly inaccurate otherwise she'd be in a calorie deficit and losing weight. On multiple occasions she has posted a video of her wearing one outfit, but then her "tea" video will show her in the same clothes she was wearing yesterday, suggesting she had two evening meals in one day. There are sometimes "continuity errors" where she serves herself what looks like a reasonable portion but then later in the video can be seen eating much more.

    • Using food to calm herself down or feel better about herself. Examples include when she had recently passed her driving test and drove to Liverpool, this stressed her out because she hadn't driven there before and she insisted on stopping for a McDonalds to soothe herself. When Paige was having her 16th birthday party (see "Greatest Hits" below) Becki was visibly upset about something and came back to her hotel to order a huge takeaway.

    • A fixation with preparing food. A lot of her videos focus on serving her daily meals, and setting up "grazing tables" or food "stations" for family celebrations. She always has to be the one to serve dinner in her house, and will give Cath and Ian tiny portions while taking the rest for herself.

    • Getting upset if whatever food she wanted isn't available or if she thinks someone took her food. A particularly memorable example was when her family ordered from Dominos and she nearly had a meltdown thinking that they'd forgotten her cookies

    • Eating in her car and bedroom away from other people. She rarely joins her family unless it's some kind of special occasion and they're getting food together. Becki once justified not liking to eat with her terminally ill dad by saying that he doesn't enjoy the same things on TV as she does!

    • Insisting on being the one to decide what to make for dinner, what restaurant to go to or what takeaway to order, etc. Becki decides what the family's dinner will be every day of the week except Sunday when Cath makes a roast; Becki is frequently rude to her and makes a point of saying that she doesn't like roasts. We suspect she reacts this way because it's the one day of the week where she does not make the main meal herself or decide how much to serve to everyone.

    People often comment that they have reported Becki's videos for encouraging disordered eating because of the sheer number of calories she consumes. So it's likely that some of them get demonetised.

    Becki’s “hate” of trolls

    Despite her engagement being from trolls and this being what boosts her TikTok pocket money, Becki loves to post videos of herself crying every few weeks, pretending she is impacted by the trolls.

    Tattlers see through this routine and recognise she does this to try and up her positive engagement - when this declines again, another crying video comes out.

    Becki knows that the engagement is from hate. She ignores helpful advice in her comments such as filtering out words, or only allowing followers to comment - this would filter out many accounts who don’t follow her (her following is 400+ but her views are high but engagement low, obviously people gawping at her strange life.) It would then be easier to sift through the followers who have followed to troll. Other strategies could include spending a set amount of time each day blocking accounts that have been on her profile for over a year. However, Becki refuses to do any of these things, and insists TikTok is her "job."

    Becki makes pocket money on TikTok from being roasted and has no self respect. Any person who did would adopt these ideas so they could still do their videos but also protect their mental health. Unfortunately, this woman is manipulative and knows without her trolls she is nothing but takes advantage of the few kind souls that follow her by putting on crocodile tears when she wants positive attention.

    Becki style icon moments 💫

    Dresses like a frump, mainly leggings with a high necked marquee over the top. On special occasions, she upgrades to Bon Marche dresses and gets her hair & makeup done in the style of John Travolta in Hairspray.

    Alternates between two necklaces; a Claire’s chain which is too small for her and a piece of string with a Harry Potter symbol.

    Wears fake market stall Crocs with everything because her feet are like giant blocks of cheddar & she can no longer tie her own laces.

    Wore a 1996 style child’s hair band till it disintegrated because it was filthy (probably)

    Wears sunglasses even in -10 weather conditions on top of her head.

    Wore a rugby top tucked into a Bon Marche pleated skirt from 1976.

    Has not heard of an underwired bra.

    Has fine, straight hair but uses Cantu which is made for thick, textured/curly/coiled hair. Since it is wrong for Becki's hair type it weighs the hair down and makes her head look even greasier.

    Becki family tree

    Becki lives at home with her mum Cath and dad Ian. Ian is younger than Cath and is her second husband. Becki has four much older half-siblings, and several niecums and nephewms including:
    • Rachel - claims to be 41, believed to be closer to 90. Mum to Paige, Reece, and Tyler, who are all teenagers. 16-year-old Paige is the only one of Rachel's children who will agree to appear on Becki's social media. Paige is the only one who will agree to appear on Becki's social media, and Becki spent a decade obsessing over her.

    • John - Becki's older brother and the father of her youngest niecums, Willow and Nancy.

    • Two other older sisters - one of whom is the mother of Becki's adult niece Leah. Leah has two children, Becki's great-niecum Porscha and great-nephewm Parker. Becki's parents are Porscha and Parker's great-grandparents.

    Becki's extended family includes:
    • An aunt that they visit “in London” but is actually near Guildford.
    • Nan, dead.
    • Olly "Rickets", taxidermy dog (see below), also dead, previously undead
    • Derek, pigeon

    Jeremy Kyle Jones

    Becki and her family definitely would fit in on Jeremy Kyle. Here are some chavvy as hell incidents:

    Becki's chav sister, Rachel, filming her very poorly Nan and posting it to Instagram on a public account. Lots reported it and it was gone. Next day, motor mouth Rachel comes on swearing, saying it didn’t get taken down, the story just expired. She did not seem to have a brain cell to utilise to consider it’s undignified and disgusting.

    Becki filming herself in hospital with her poorly Nan. Conversations can be heard in the background from other people, this could be other visitors or staff. Either way, it’s a confidential environment and most hospitals do not allow filming in wards.

    Rachel has no concerns with her daughter dressing with arse cheeks and breasts out on TikTok. This has been going on since Paige was 13. She is clearly a child, and the saves on her videos are disturbing.

    For Paige's 16th birthday, her mum posted birthday wishes from Paige's brothers, in which they referred to her as a bitch and talked about her beating people up.

    Leah posted pictures on Facebook of her and her kids preparing to go out to Becki's 30th birthday party. Other members of the family decided to air some dirty laundry in the comments, sharing their grievances that they/their children were not invited! (Note - Kelly and Nikki are Becki's older half-sisters. Kelly is Leah's mum and has other children, but Leah was seemingly the only one invited. Johnny is Nikki's grandson and Becki's great-nephew, Becki's Insta shows that she met him when he was born but he evidently hasn't seen her side of the family since he was a baby.)

    Leah shared a TikTok of five-year-old Parker swearing and saying fuck this and cunt that, which she clearly thought was hilarious!

    Becki has repeatedly filmed herself while driving, sometimes with Paige or her other nieces/nephews in the car with her. She once shared a video of her in her car when she had a hangover - so, not only would this have affected her driving but she may still have been over the legal limit.

    Examples of Becki being a dick to her parents/family

    Making a bitchy "joke" about Rachel's age on camera at Rachel's birthday party.

    Upsetting Parker on his birthday by demanding they get pizza when he had repeatedly said he wanted something else. He was only four years of age but Becki apparently could not let him choose his own birthday dinner!

    Cath likes to make a roast on Sunday and Becki hates this because it's a day where she is not in charge of all the food in the house. She makes a point of saying she hates roasts just to spite Cath. On one Sunday she insisted on ordering a huge takeaway as she "couldn't imagine anything worse" than a roast, but then cooked one herself the very next day!

    Snapping at Cath for daring to ask if Becki had remembered something Cath asked for in the family's McDonalds order.

    Spending £400+ on Paige for her 16th birthday when she had given Paige's brother £50 for his 18th, her own father a Stanley Cup costing about £20, and her parents a frying pan for Christmas.

    Filming her terminally ill dad on Father's Day when he was flipping his middle finger at her and clearly did not want to be filmed! She also made a Father's Day Insta post that was really all about her: "Thank you Dad for raising such a strong, independent, intelligent woman as me" (paraphrased but that was the gist of it!) Even though it may well be the last Father's Day Becki will spend with him, all she got him was some cheap junk food and made up a "grazing table." Again, this was only a month or so after she'd spent so much money on Paige for her birthday.

    Paige obsession

    Becki has an obvious fixation with Paige that has so far lasted a decade! Her Insta shows that it began in 2014 when Becki began posting many photos of Paige, commenting how "cute" and "gorgeous" she was, and following her to her dance hobby. Paige was six years of age at this time and Becki was 21, was a student, and should have been enjoying her life with friends her own age. Prior to this, Becki did the same with another little girl named Ella, but then stopped mentioning Ella and started posting about Paige. We believe Ella is another niece whom Becki no longer sees because two of her sisters do not speak to the rest of the family.

    Becki makes a lot of TikTok content with Paige and will often talk about her off topic. On a live once, someone asked something about grapes and Becki randomly said Paige likes grapes. She will share irrelevant details about Paige on videos when no one asked. Before Becki passed her driving test, she would often mention "taking" Paige to various places, when in reality she didn't take her anywhere, as she didn't drive.

    When making videos, Paige will deliberately troll Becki by winding her up and filming her from unflattering angles. We believe Paige puts up with her to gain followers, and because Becki pays for a lot of things for her and drives her around to her dance classes and competitions.

    Becki has repeatedly demonstrated a serious lack of boundaries around Paige. Here are some examples:
    • Generally acting like she is a similar aged friend of Paige, rather than an adult and her aunt

    • She has shared a bed with Paige at least twice. While staying in a caravan, Becki insisted on sharing with Paige even though there was another bed available. If Paige had to share, it should have been with her teenage friend who was also with them. At Tokfest 2024 Becki booked a hotel room where she (it's not 100% clear from the video) either shared a double bed with Paige or put two twin beds together. When Paige was on holiday, Becki house-sat for her family and slept nude in Paige's bed - see "Greatest hits" below.

    • She leaves likes and comments on all Paige's social media posts, including when Paige is on holiday, making it clear Becki's watching. Some of the comments are quite disturbing, like this one.

    • Effectively taking over Paige's Morris dancing, and inserting herself into other areas of Paige's life. Paige sometimes indicates that she's not happy with the constant intrusion, such as when Becki suggested she join Rachel's family on holiday and Paige hastily said that Becki wouldn't enjoy it.

    • She often takes Paige out for treats, junk food, or shopping etc. just the two of them. This encourages Paige to follow her aunt's unhealthy eating habits, and comes across as bribing her to spend time with Becki. Becki rarely invites her other nieces and nephews out to do stuff, so it's obvious to everyone that she favours Paige

    • Making a very inappropriate "joke" about Paige on a video and then giggling, so it was clear exactly what she meant. Paige was only 13-14 when this video was taken!

    • In a video where she and Paige were sitting in the car eating ice cream, Becki focused the camera on Paige's thighs which was especially inappropriate because Paige was wearing very short hot pants.

    • Becki tried to do a TikTok trend with Paige that involves having a normal, mundane conversation with someone (your partner/sibling/friend etc.) while sitting grinning manically at them. In Becki's version she kept asking what Paige liked about her, and Paige became genuinely uncomfortable.

    • Becki often talks about how much she relies on Paige emotionally and says that Paige is her "best friend" and "inspiration" etc. That's an unhealthy level of emotional dependence for an adult to have on a child.

    If a man in his thirties behaved this way towards his teenage niece/nephew and posted it all over his social media, serious questions would be asked. This is why, both here and on TikTok, you'll see comments about "checking her hard drive" or similar. Paige is half Becki's age and at the very least, Becki's behaviour indicates that she struggles with normal adult friendships/relationships. You would expect Leah, who is also Becki's niece and is only four years younger, to be the one she'd be close to!

    In May 2024, Becki and Paige appeared to fall out after Paige's 16th birthday party (see "Greatest hits" below.) We believe Becki threw a tantrum because she was not invited to the party or was asked to leave. After this, Becki stopped talking about Paige so much and instead started talking about Porscha, who began appearing in Becki's videos more often and being taken out for treats. We have long suspected this was coming because Paige is close to adulthood and won't want Becki hanging around her much longer. It's quite worrying that this happened at a time when Becki knew that she wouldn't have so much influence over Paige any more, especially if Paige had put her foot down about not wanting her 31-year-old aunt hanging around at her birthday party! However, Paige continues to appear in Becki's videos and Becki posted a ridiculous, over-gushing Instagram "tribute" to her when Paige finished her GCSEs.

    Other worrying behaviour around kids

    There are old social media posts going back years where Becki has said or done questionable things towards her nieces and nephews besides Paige. When Porscha was a baby, Becki shared a photo on Insta of her kissing Porscha full on the lips. Her old Twitter account (no longer in use) contained tweets such as one where she commented on her nephew's bedroom and said that she liked to give him kisses/cuddles - he was 13-14 at the time. It's hard to believe that Becki didn't realise this was creepy or no one said anything to her about it, especially as she was working with children at the time.

    Becki has no problem being inappropriate with strangers' children too. She makes Cameo clips for fans and someone shared one that she'd made for a girl's 16th birthday, in which Becki said "you don't have to lie about your age any more to boys" (referring to the fact that 16 is the age of consent in the UK.) And she wonders why people leave comments calling her a nonce? This kind of thing could cause her to fail background checks if ever she were looking for a job again.

    Another area of concern regarding Becki and children is how she uses the kids in her family for content and freely plasters their faces online. Apart from Reece, who is 18, all the others are too young to consent including Paige. Becki often turns off comments when Paige is featured in a video and says this is for safeguarding reasons, but then doesn't turn the comments off when she features her other nieces and nephews who are much younger than Paige. She manages to cater to predators even when she doesn't include the kids on camera, such as showing that she'd bought Paige and Porscha little shorts and leotards for dancing, or pyjamas for Paige that looked more like lingerie.

    Becki's Insta contains dozens, if not hundreds, of photos of her nieces and nephews, going back a decade or more. These include pictures of them in swimsuits, school uniform, and even naked or in nappies when they were babies. All of these can be seen on her public account with hundreds of followers. Some of the pictures are of nieces and nephews she no longer sees because two of her sisters are estranged from the family - do they consent to have their children's photos all over her account? It's true that the whole family doesn't seem to have much regard for online safety; Paige's mum not only shares pictures of her in very revealing clothing, but told the world on a public social media account where Paige's birthday party with all her teenage friends was going to be held. But you would expect Becki to know better because she is trained in safeguarding and has worked with children. She doesn't seem to know much about basic child safety either e.g. in one video she gave marshmallows to Willow (who was a baby at the time), apparently not recognising that they are a choking hazard.

    Becki often plies her nieces and nephews with junk food or insists on junk and takeaways for family gatherings, which encourages them to follow her terrible eating habits. Although it's mainly Paige she takes out for fast food, she sometimes does this with the others as well. On Suitcase Sundays (see section below) she gives Paige and Porscha huge amounts of junk food, especially Porscha who is only nine years of age. It doesn't seem to occur to her that this isn't normal - she seemed surprised when Willow and Nancy expected to have fruit in their snack boxes rather than sweets and crisps.

    It's evident that Becki aims her TikTok content at children/teenagers, as she often features her nieces and nephews, talks about media/hobbies children are interested in, talks in terms of school nights and school holidays etc. She never swears or discusses any topics that aren't child-friendly, and she only ever posts outside school hours. Normally she posts at 3.30pm every day (when kids are leaving school), but during the holidays will post in the morning or during the day - she doesn't have a job so there is no change to her own schedule. This comes across as predatory and it again means that she is promoting junk food and smoking to children.

    Rickets 700BC - 29th May 2024

    Rickets was Becki's "dog" Olly. There is extensive lore relating to Rickets. There is speculation that he was born in 1630, although some estimates put his birth date closer to 700BC. Rickets lived a long, hard life in London. In his youth Rickets found employment as a spy in the King's household until he was called upon to fight in the Civil Wars. Siding with the Parliamentarians, it is unclear to what extent Rickets played a role in the execution of Charles I, although he protests his innocence to this day. Rickets went on to survive both the Great Fire of London and the outbreak of bubonic plague in 1666. Rickets whereabouts during the 18th century are unknown, however he is found again in the 19th century in public health records. Rickets sadly succumbed to typhoid fever, tuberculosis and cholera in 1856 after which, his body was possessed by the spirit of a sickly Victorian boy (name unknown).

    We are currently unsure of how he came to be in the possession of The Bison in the Port, but we are confident he was being held against his will.

    He finally copped it on 29th May 2024 after being very ill for a long time. He was not eating, pissing everywhere (hopefully on Beckum’s pillow) and looked like a chicken carcass. Only a few days previously he had been howling and whining while Becki was recording another of her "snack reviews" which should have alerted her that something was wrong. Within a few hours of his passing Becki had posted a tacky tribute video including one of her holding him while he was dying. Who wants a camera on them at a time like that?!

    Rickets, dead.

    Nicknames include:
    Pauline Fowler
    Pauline Growler
    The Victorian Boy

    Other people mentioned on Becki's threads

    Declan ("Scottish Declan")
    - Family friend and ostensibly Becki's best friend. He used to be a mod for her social media, although he refuses to appear on it. He is gay but Becki has tried to use him to pretend that she had a boyfriend - e.g. in the past she would sometimes go to visit him and stay in a Travelodge nearby, and would drop clumsy "hints" that she was visiting her partner when she was obviously there to see Declan. He owns a business making "grazing tables" for events, parties, etc. which Becki tries to copy by filling a table with cheap sweets whenever her family is celebrating something.

    Zoe - Another friend of Becki, with whom she went to uni. They rarely seem to hang out or spend any time together although they've gone to Nandos a couple of times.

    Becki enablers

    Most positive comments on Becki's channel are from an army of enablers who will defend her even if she digested five tons of lard in one sitting. So far we’ve heard:

    Drinking full fat cola in the morning for breakfast is normal.
    Eating 0-1 portions of fruit and veg a day is standard.
    Yellow around the eyes is normal.
    Multiple takeaways per week is “normal” and everyone who says different is “jealous”.

    Becki also has gigantic portions when she cooks from home. On a chilli con carne video tattlers counted SIX large ladles of rice, around 300g of mince, 100g of cheese plus two thick slices of bread. Calorie intake for one day has often come in at 5k or more but this is “healthy”

    We believe one of the main reasons why Becki's enablers defend her is because they think she has a learning disability (she does not.)

    Top Enablers League Table:
    1. Alex "Rumplestiltskin" Robson
    2. "Evenstar" 🖕
    3. Laura
    4. Sjas
    5. Raine
    6. JoDi
    7. Annie

    Suitcase Sunday

    "Suitcase Sunday" is what we call it when Becki goes to dance rehearsals/competitions with Paige on some Sundays. She brings an individual giant bag of food for each of them and a huge, suitcase-sized bag full of more junk food for them to "share" (Becki eats most of it.) She films this and shows what's in the bags; typically the only remotely healthy thing she packs is some fruit and water for Paige. Becki's mum Cath goes with them on some days, although she doesn't get a lunchbox. As of 2024, Porscha now goes regularly as well.

    A typical example of a "Suitcase Sunday" is a video where Becki packed:
    • For herself: two bags of French Fries cresp, chicken "skooers" (skewers), Pick Up chocolate biscuits, KitKats, Fridge Raiders chicken, Scotch eggs, another chocolate biscuit, chicken goujons, large tub of garlic dep, shop bought sandwiches, several cans of full fat cowwwek
    • For Paige: grapes, Pick Up, chicken skooers, Peperami, Fridge Raiders, Milkybar yoghurt, Dairylea Lunchables
    • For everyone (supposedly - including Cath): strawberries, Pringles, Jaffa Cakes, rice crackers, Quavers, more Pick Ups, breakfast biscuits, sandwiches, Coke, Frootee juice drink, salad cream dep, chicken goujons
    Remember, to her this is just a packed lunch. If you want to see Suitcase Sunday for yourself without scrolling through Becki's account, here's an old one.

    Fridge Raiders are always on the menu and usually Dairylea Lunchables and/or Dunkers. Paige's favourite sandwich is the Co-Op American Menu Southern Style Fried Chicken Wrap which Becki will often get for her. Becki's WIEIAD videos show that, in addition to all this food, she usually starts the day with a fried or McDonald's breakfast, & has an ice cream and/or hot chocolate during the dancing if available. She has also been known to scran portions of chips when the venue has a canteen. All of this gluttony is followed by a takeaway when she gets home, because “it’s been a busy day”

    Becki packs especially unhealthy food for Porscha, including Attack a Snak and a giant bar of Mr Beast chocolate every time. She justifies this by saying that Porscha is a very picky eater, however as Porscha's aunt it is Becki's responsibility to encourage healthier habits. If you're wondering why Paigeand Porscha's own mums do not pack a healthier lunch for them, well, this is just another example of how Becki's family enables her. Becki felt it appropriate to tell the world that she brings anti-diarrhoea medicine for Paige at dancing, we question if eating so much junk during the day isn't the cause of any stomach problems they are having.

    In some videos you can see people watching Becki in horror as she's eating, and/or kids throwing food at her (which she does not seem to notice.) She often packs very smelly food such as egg mayo, cheese and onion cresp, or Fridge Raiders, which we're sure are very welcome in a crowded village hall. At least one video showed someone asking her to stop stinking the place out, which she cheerfully ignored.

    Should you catch a Suitcase Sunday as it occurs, check off the bingo card:

    Becki declares it is "none of ya business!!" what she eats while watching her nieces at dancing, that the food is for four people (presumably including Cath), and it's meant to last all day. She spends about as long at the dancing as one would spend at work on a typical day. Becki admits she brought nowhere near this much food when she had a full time job (it seems she briefly worked full time with disabled students) but she gets bored and wants to eat all day. Apparently this makes more sense to her than, say, just bringing a book or her iPad.

    Becki FAQ

    Does she have a learning disability?

    No, she’s just fick.

    What does she actually weigh/what is her dress size?
    We don't know, and we'd prefer not to discuss this; it takes up a lot of thread space and causes arguments. Suffice it to say that Becki is morbidly obese with a dangerously unhealthy lifestyle.

    What is the thread rule against "almond mumming?"
    Basically don't brag about how little you eat in comparison to Becki. We all know she is unhealthy.

    Can she drive?
    Yes, she passed her test in February 2023. The first thing she did was visit McDonalds drive froom. Prior to this, her mum and sister would ferry her around.

    Does she have kids?
    No. The kids she features are niecums and nephums.

    Does she have a job?
    She no work, only burger and chep. No seriously, she doesn’t, her deluded fans say TikTok is her job but with her followers and engagement she will not be earning anywhere near a living wage.

    Does Becki claim to use her TikTok as income?
    Becki is frequently asked what she does for a job and never responds. There are lots of online sources that show an account with her following and engagement would not be making a substantial amount. Becki can most likely afford her huge takeaway/supermarket food bill due to living with her parents and having no expenses other than for her car. She doesn't go on holiday or go out with friends her own age; apart from very rare appearances from Declan or Zoe (see above) she seems to have no social life outside of her family.

    Does Becki claim benefits?
    She's never said publicly whether she does. As she'd make quite a low income from TikTok, she is likely eligible for Universal Credit. She may also be claiming Carer's Allowance on account of her dad, and/or PIP (Personal Independence Payment - a welfare payment for people who are disabled or have a long term health condition.) Becki's morbid obesity may make her eligible for PIP, as it will be harder for her to bathe, get around, and other day to day things that are assessed as part of the claim.

    Does Becki have any diagnosed health conditions?
    Becki says doctors have told her she is healthy but has slight jaundice. This is almost certainly not true, no one at Becki's size is healthy and jaundice is a serious medical condition - it would also cause her eyes to turn yellow, not just the skin around them. If she has any other diagnoses she hasn't spoken about them.

    Does Becki have a boyfriend?
    No. Becki gets very embarrassed whenever anything slightly close to a penis is mentioned or when she is around men - even in a normal context like being in a shop. We therefore believe she is a virgin. Despite this, Becki has attempted to give the false impression that she was in a relationship such as clumsily "hinting" that she had spent a hotel stay with someone.

    What is the ClitBasher3000?
    The ClitBasher3000 is her massage gun. We first saw her sister's partner's one a year or two ago, when she borrowed it “for her sore legs." She now owns one; lore has it she burnt out the engine of his and blew the fuses, causing an extensive power cut that plunged her estate into darkness and stranded her dad halfway up the stairs on his stairlift for several hours.

    Who is X person?
    Shirley/Shirl = Becki's sister Rachel, we call her this after Shirley in EastEnders who was best friends with the very overweight Heather.

    Shiloh Blue = a name Becki picked out for her future son despite apparently never having been in a relationship.

    Ella = a child Becki obsessed over before Paige, we believe she is another niece that Becki no longer sees due to falling out within the family.

    Declan and Zoe = friends of Becki

    For others, see Family section.

    Does Becki naturally add a -m to words or does she do this deliberately?
    She does it naturally to some extent, but now deliberately exaggerates it because people make fun of it so much.

    What is that mark on her nose - is it from a CPAP machine?
    There is no evidence of her having a CPAP machine. We suspect the mark is where she wipes her nose by pushing it up, or from nose strips to help with snoring. If the mark were from a CPAP machine, there would likely be other marks on her face.

    Why do companies give Becki free food despite her obvious health issues?
    Again, we don't know - likely just because she will promote it (although she's not a great brand ambassador, and can only ever describe food as "amazin" or "soum good" etc.) Giving Becki vast quantities of free junk food is comparable to giving an obvious alcoholic cases of free booze, but her sponsors don't appear to consider this a problem.

    Is Paige really Becki's daughter?
    No, they just have a strong family resemblance. By all appearances, Becki has never been in a relationship/had sex, and even if she had, there would be no reason to cover up her Pregnancy - her mum, one of her sisters, and niece Leah all had babies as teenagers. Paige's mum has had some financial troubles, and we suspect one of the main reasons Becki gets away with so much is because she pays for Paige's dance classes and other things that Paige otherwise wouldn't be able to have.

    Why are you picking on Becki? She's so sweet and nice!
    We don't think it's very sweet and nice of Becki when she:
    • Uses the children in her family for content/engagement, frequently shows them on social media, and fails to safeguard them
    • Encourages disordered eating. Not just because of her weight; even if she were slim, her binging and constant junk food diet would still be a massive health risk
    • Is rude, patronising, and dismissive towards her parents, with whom she lives rent-free
    • Uses her terminally ill father for content (and previously did the same with her grandmother)
    • Deliberately leaves up hateful comments about her father and Paige because it attracts engagement
    • Made monetised videos cashing in on someone's tragic passing
    • Shares incredibly lazy and half-arsed videos with zero effort put into them
    • Lies and selectively edits her videos
    • Uses others' recipes without credit
    • Demonstrates dangerous and irresponsible behaviour such as filming herself driving
    Is Becki catering to "feeders"?
    We don't think she does this intentionally. Her main target audience appears to be children/teens (see above) and she seems quite ignorant about sex, much less niche fetishes. If she were going for views from feeders she probably also would not lie about how much she eats or talk about her desire to lose weight.

    Did she really go to uni?
    Yes, although she comes across as none too bright in her videos, Becki does have an undergraduate degree and a separate vocational qualification in childcare.

    Does she have management?
    No - her social media pages state that she is with Gen Z Management, however this company is no longer active.

    How does her family pay the bills when her dad is too ill to work and Becki doesn't have a job?
    Her family will be entitled to state benefits on account of her dad's disability, and Cath reportedly works as a school dinner lady - not a high wage, but she gets benefits and job security as an employee of the council. (This is how they get their membership to Becki's beloved Costco, you have to be on a list of approved professions such as local authorities.)


    Becki Big Scoops
    Beefbeck Mountain
    Biffa Beck
    Auntie Dreamliner
    Becktimus Prime
    Buffalo Beck
    Big Chunks
    Jaundice Jones
    Yellow Submarine
    Pitta Tits
    Bekinator 3000 (for particularly calorie dense days, i.e 3000+)
    Becki Stobbart
    Bison Fury
    Becki NoNecki
    Jurassic Pork
    Guntasaurus Bex
    Cat Funt (coined by Becki herself who said this is what people call her)
    Heather (after the very overweight Heather on EastEnders, while Rachel is Shirley after Heather's best friend)
    Ting Tong - based on the Little Britain character with more than a passing resemblance to Becki.

    Other expressions used on the thread:
    Bisonettes = us. Also includes critics of Becki on other sites such as TikTok, and Reddit where there is a Becki sub.
    BDL = Becki Defence League or Bison Defence League, i.e. Becki's fans/enablers
    Garlic bed = Becki's bed / dining table as she eats most of her meals in bed.
    Scran/Scranning = Food/Eat/Eating
    Suitcase Sunday = When Becki spends all day Sunday at dance rehearsals or competitions with Paige, and brings an entire suitcase full of junk food (along with her and Paige each having their own bags of food) that she shows off on TikTok. See section
    Flabia, Scranmobile = Becki’s car

    Top comments on TikTok from her hate brigade

    Unit (usually with a 🔥 emoji)
    The cut is going to be insane
    Of course
    Hard day at work? (As Becki does not work and shows herself getting up most days at 11am)
    Of course - usually in response to another take away video
    Tag me in parts 2 3 & 4 ( WIEIAD )
    Chernobyl breath / Hiroshima breath
    I can’t defend you anymore
    The toilet's getting nuked tonight
    Requests to see her running at full speed
    Comments about her yellow eyeshadow
    Miss Trunchbull
    Eddie Hall
    Nice healthy day as usual
    Neck reveal

    We do not take things off tattle here. As much as Becki is infuriating and gluttonous, we don’t troll her. This forum is for us to share our opinions about her, away from her social media pages. Becki can choose to not view this website.

    As well as nicknames we have phrases that describe her or life including:
    She no work she only burger and chep
    Marinating in her garlic bed
    Did someone get her cookies - from a videum where she freaked out upon thinking her family had "forgotten" her Dominos cookies

    Nonsense food that makes no sense and Becki's fave foods

    You’ll never see lettuce on her McDonald’s burger because it’s too “fragrant”

    She doesn’t like sweets but will eat all the free ones.

    Prawn cocktail crisps are too fishy. Proceeds to eat them by the packet

    Tuna is a “fear food” but proceeds to eat two tins of it drowned in mayonnaise and piled onto two huge jacket potatoes with butter and bread on the side.

    She doesn’t like much gravy on her roasts guys. Then proceeds to pour five tons of watery Bisto over a roast dinner.

    Becki absolutely loves garlic bread, at one point we were sure she would turn into garlic bread.

    Weirdly obsessed with sour cream dep at McDonald’s to a point it’s a personality trait. Becki went full on Karen when McDonald’s dare to forget her sour cream dep once. Legend says the McDonald’s worker has been eaten by Becki as revenge.

    As of spring/summer 2024 she insists she no longer drinks fizzy drinks because she is trying to be healthier. But shows herself drinking things like milkshakes, smoothies, frappes, fruit juice, and alcopops, all of which have as much if not more sugar than a fizzy drink. She suggested a frozen Fanta slush didn't count as Fanta just because it was frozen.

    Says she only drinks "red milk" i.e. skimmed milk, but is shown to drink glasses of what is clearly whole milk - it's rich and creamy whereas skimmed milk is watery.

    Bruce cake from Get Baked - gigantic 24-layer chocolate cake "inspired" by the book Matilda by Roald Dahl, in which the character Bruce Bogtrotter is forced to eat an entire giant chocolate cake. Becki can easily eat an entire slice to herself in one go and on one occasion ate half the cake then made the rest into a "milkshake" to wash it down with. Claiming she didn't actually drink it herself, her dad did (she probably gave him one sip then took it away from him the moment the cameras were off.)

    Becki has made herself not searchable although her Instagram is still there. She probably hasn’t blocked you

    Becki Glossary

    Cheps - chips. To be eaten with at least 2 meals a day.
    Pack of cresp - a bag of crisps, more than one crisp.
    Cowwk - Coca Cola (usually referred to as “ice cowld cowwk”)
    Marium Badescum - Mario Badescu skincare.
    Oreganum - oregano
    Paprikum - paprika
    Soum - how you and I would say 'so'
    Thum - 'them' as in "bloody love thum"
    Toum - 'too'
    Rossius - ‘rosacea’
    McFlerry - ‘McFlurry’
    Hi everywum - hi everyone, her intro to videos.
    Omnum - onion
    Garlic mayum - garlic Mayo
    Baslamic vinegar - balsamic vinegar
    Dep - any dip but mostly garlic dip
    Jacket potatums - Jacket potatoes
    Kwaysadillah/Queesahdilla/Queefadiller - quesadilla to normal people
    Tomatum - Tomato
    Guy-row - Gyro
    Ja-la-peno - for jalapeños, the j is silent it’s said with an h
    Costcoum - Costco
    Freee-arge - Frijj milkshake
    Sumbarine- submarine
    Planayshoccolay- Pain au chocolate
    Regrudge- Begrudge
    Bookermot- Bergamot
    Pepperoni - Peperami
    Home & Bargains - Home Bargains (a lot of people in Liverpool still call it Home & Bargains - but Becki is no Scouser!)
    Heptic - Hectic
    Qwasant - Croissant
    Napoleon - Neapolitan ice cream
    Snackle box - A tackle box whose compartments she fills with junk food, geddit?


    Do not show any usernames of minors. Please scribble out if shown.

    Screenshot showing Becki sharing Paige's TikTok account. At the time, Paige was 11-12 and was under the age for an account (TikTok T&Cs say you have to be at least 13.) Becki was working with vulnerable people at the time, so was trained in safeguarding but still did this when her account was a target of hate. Paige is now 16 but still frequently posts videos in very revealing clothes.


    Screen shots from her “not on a weight loss journey” account



    Greatest hits

    House sitting

    Becki's mum Cath, sister Rachel, and Rachel's children went on a family holiday together. Becki "house-sat" for Rachel's family and slept in Paige's bed. It wasn't the first time she had done this, but in one of her videos she was clearly sleeping nude (covered by the duvet.) This is disturbing and she wears pyjamas in her own bed, why not Paige's? She also used Paige's things including her makeup, toiletries, and wearing Paige's socks. Sharing makeup is unhygienic so Paige would have had to pay to replace it herself, unless Becki bought it for her. Becki also ate their food and seemingly didn't offer them money or buy more to replace it.

    Becki waited up until past 3am for them to get back so she could "surprise" them. She filmed them looking exhausted and absolutely thrilled to see her (not.) This included filming Cath struggling through the door with suitcases rather than help her. Becki screeched and hugged Paige and insisted on showing her off on camera even though Paige was clearly very tired from the late flight. You can hear her saying "what the hell?!" as Becki grabbed her! Becki only lives down the road from them so there is no reason why she couldn't have let them get some sleep and come over the next day.

    Becki had been receiving lots of comments about how poor her diet is and the huge quantities of fast food she consumes. She posted a video of her smugly saying she was a "grown arse adult" and could do what she wanted so, after an exhausting evening of (checks notes) picking Porscha up from dancing and taking her to the supermarket, Becki couldn't be bothered to cook and had ordered McDonalds. She finished by eating it in her "grown arse adult room", rambling and saying "it's good to go with what your head and your heart wants." Becki's heart certainly doesn't want any more McDonalds! Apparently this is her idea of owning the trolls and proving how grown up she is.

    Leah S. grief tourism
    Leah S. was a TikToker who sadly passed away at a very young age due to cancer. Becki made a monetised "tribute" video about it and said she and Leah were friends - despite never mentioning her before, including when Leah was ill. Becki didn't talk about raising awareness of cancer or raising money in Leah's memory, instead the video was all about Becki. She then made another video cashing in. In both videos Becki came across as very fake/insincere and it was apparent that she was padding out the videos as much as possible for the money. Leah was well known and liked, and unfortunately Becki was not the only person on TikTok who made monetised videos about her passing. But Becki still got called out for it, and the BDL became very aggressive towards anyone who brought it up or asked why she'd never mentioned Leah until now.

    Paige's 16th birthday
    Becki's fixation with Paige became especially obvious in May 2024 when Paige had her 16th birthday. Becki posted a "tribute" video containing many photos of Paige as a baby/young child, and referred to Paige as "my niece, my best friend, my sunshine and inspiration." (It was later removed after being reported to TikTok.) The video used a song about never growing up. Becki spent around £400 on Paige including cake, flowers, and £265 worth of presents (including these pyjamas) as well as paying for her birthday meal and taking her for a milkshake. Only a couple of weeks previously, she'd given her nephew Reece £50 and a balloon for his 18th birthday; Becki tried to justify spending over 5x more on Paige by saying that Reece wanted the money. She had also recently given her terminally ill father a Stanley Cup worth £20 for his birthday.

    Paige had her birthday party and a sleepover at a serviced apartment. Becki hyped this up all week and said how amazing it was going to be, but that she wasn't going to the party and had plans to stay at a nearby hotel and have a night out in Liverpool. On the day, she went to Paige's party to set up a "grazing table", and while there filmed a video of her outfit for the evening. Other videos showed her at the hotel in what looks like two different rooms - one of which seemingly had a man staying there. Maybe Rachel and her partner were staying at the hotel to keep an eye on the party, or Declan was there to see Becki? There was also a video of Becki getting a kebab delivered to the hotel; in this video she seemed annoyed/upset about something.

    Becki claimed she went out at around 10pm and went to a pub and for karaoke, then had a kebab when she got back. Not many places would be open for takeaway that late - why didn't she just pick it up on her way home? She posted some videos the next morning and didn't seem tired or hungover as you'd expect. Subsequently she didn't share any videos/photos of her night out and didn't mention the party. She then didn't mention Paige at all for over a week. All of this is very unusual behaviour for Becki. We therefore suspect she was sulking because she wasn't invited to the party; or because she went but was asked to leave. Either way, something is clearly fishy, or Becki wouldn't lie. Again, people would be suspicious if this were a man Becki's age and his teenage niece/nephew!

    Rickets RIP
    Rickets had been ill for some time, as was evident from videos Becki had shared. On 29th May 2024 Becki shared a video mentioning that he had a vet's appointment that day. She didn't post any more videos, which led us to suspect that Rickets had had to be put to sleep. Another TikToker spotted Becki and her family at the vet's and posted a video as evidence; they also commented on Becki's latest video saying that Rickets was indeed no longer of this world. Eventually, Paige confirmed it on her Insta stories.

    Within hours Becki had posted a video "tribute" to Rickets, with various pictures of them together over the years including one of Becki holding him as he was dying. Apparently she was fine with being photographed at that time despite Rickets being her beloved pet of 14 years? Naturally, the video was just barely over the 1 minute mark so it could still be monetised. Becki then posted another video thanking fans for their condolences. She appeared to be squeezing out tears and said that any videos she posted would be from drafts - so, she was devastated but not enough to prevent her posting for the engagement/money? A lot of positive comments appeared on the video and it was evident Becki had paid for them, since they came from accounts with generic names, no profile, and no videos. She instantly deleted any comments from trolls, despite leaving up absolutely vile comments about her father, Paige, and Leah S.

    Paige's Insta story about Rickets was gone within an hour or two of being posted. Did Becki want to be first to announce/profit from the sad news so she demanded Paige take the story down? This added to speculation that Becki and Paige fell out after Paige's birthday party, and people left comments on Paige's Insta asking if something had happened. Becki's other niece Leah (Porscha's mum) posted an Instagram video complaining about Porscha being cheeky, with words to the effect of "she's ungrateful for everything I do for her." Becki shared the video and we suspect she was taking a swipe at Paige.

    On 30th May, Becki shared another video she said was recorded the previous morning, just before Rickets passed away. She said in the video that he was ill and she was worried about him. Prior to this, she hadn't mentioned him being ill nor had she shown any concern for his welfare. Only a couple of days previously, she had given him cheap, low-quality sausages (bad for a dog) and ignored him when he was whining in pain during one of her videos. People began to question if she knew he was going to be put to sleep but didn't say so - in that case why was she on a supposedly hour-long walk and filming it, rather than spending his last few hours with him? Another possibility is that she recorded the video on the 30th but lied about it, which wouldn't be the first time she has been known to do this.

    Also on the 30th, someone spotted Becki at a local Nandos, and posted photos online. Evidently, her grief over Rickets hadn't affected that part of her routine. The next day she went straight back to regular posting, despite having said only a day before that she was too upset and there would be no new videos for a while. Was she too dependent on the views/income, or did the Nandos photos blow her cover?

    Car video
    Someone recognised Becki sitting in her car and took a video of her - we suspect this was at a drive-thru which is how they got so close. The video shows her to be far bigger than she looks onscreen (but remember, she doesn't use slimming filters!) and barely able to fit into the car. This makes it clear why Paige always sits in the back seat! Becki complained that it was "stalking" and said she had checked her dash cam footage for evidence. The police and courts won't do anything because it is neither a criminal nor civil offence to record a video of someone in a public place. The video led to discussion in Becki's TikTok comments, and on Tattle and other sites, as to whether her size affects her safety and driving ability (for instance, it's compulsory to wear a seatbelt in the UK but she will struggle to get one around her.) Becki was so angry about the video that the next day, she posted another video of her in her car showing exactly how big she is!