Three Identical Strangers (netflix)

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Same here.. I didn’t expect the twist at the end which was so sad.. tbh it kept me awake a lot of the night last night as I couldn’t stop thinking about it
I think I might rewatch it actually, now that I have some time on my hands. I also didn’t expect the twist. It really made me sad for them all.
I think it was abhorrent that they could use the triplet’s like that for a nature v nurture experiment. Shameful.
I watched this a while ago maybe last year... but only just found out they were actually quadtruplets, the 4th brother died at birth
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Such a crazy show!

I did psychology at university so knew about twin studies but shocking they did such an unethical study as recent as the 70s. Gutted you never found out the results at the end! So sad about the brother who committed suicide also, what a shame.
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