SacconeJolys #13 Putting the fun in funeral for new material

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Just to set the tone... 🤦🏻‍♀️
Yes J maybe but perhaps not vlogged on you tube for thousands to see? I'm Irish and funerals and wakes here are a big celebration of life but not documented on social media, can celebrate the person's life with a party with family of course but without a camera. I think it's a disgrace he's using the excuse that his mam partner wanted a big party to be allowed vlog it tbh and same excuse for those awful social media posts he and A had over the weekend. Not watching the vlog so not sure of how much he has videoed of the funeral.....


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It starts off with them at the airport and Jonathan says they're going to Disney for 2 weeks without the kids.

Jonno has hired the car that he says they did the ad in that never got shown and how EVERYONE wanted to see it. Then puts in some similar style footage of the kids reactions as he drives fast and revs the engine, along with loose straps, of course.

They're driving in the dark trying to find a services and go off on one naming food place names after the dogs.

They get to the hotel and do a room tour. Remember in the campervan vlogs when they said there were no hotels in that area.... 🤥 Then say they're going down to dinner now kid free, whoop whoop.

Then it suddenly skips to the next morning with Anna opening the covers and shouting "I'm wearing leather trousers!" Then they start singing Grease but they don't know the words. Then they start talking about how Anna would prefer to go to IHOP than an 11 course fancy dinner. Which moves onto her saying that Jonathan is a snob and that everyone always thinks she's the snob when it's really Jonathan. She says she had a little bit more a privileged background than him but "she's not like a queen or anything." And Jonathan tries the sob story of saying that now he does aspire to the higher things because he never had it growing up. Still can't buy class though, guys. And Anna gets offended when he says she had more access to nicer things. But then it turns out that it's Anna's parents who are the snobs.... Then Anna complains that last night that she ordered gnochi and it was only like 4 gnochi 😴. And we're half way through and it's mostly just been Anna ranting like she's a member of Tattle.

Then they spy on the kids with their spy cameras, which show Andrea walking round the dog room/ utility room with the dogs. Then they flick through all the rooms. She sees Emilia on bitchily says "she's on her ipad then."

They mention the name of the hotel and make a point of saying it's not gifted. And he says that last time in the campervan he was thinking he'll hire a sports car to take advantage of the roads when they come back up. Nothing to do with trying to look like the snobs that you're not then? And Anna mentions the ferral goats.

Then there's some slides to say it was a humanist service and what that means.

Then it suddenly cuts to them back in the car and Jonathan gets emotional recalling the eulogy and hearing about Farquhar's life. Clearly he's never heard or bothered to ask before. Not like he had 20 years or anything.

Then he films a tiny bit of pipes as they follow the hearse.

They go to where his siblings are staying/ where the wake is. And Anna shows us the soup and sandwiches they're having and pulls a face. Okay Mrs I love IHOP.

Then later they have a toast and Jon boi's Mum says "thanks Farquhar" and Jon says "to Marta." 🤷 And there's more pipe playing and then a slide that says "the celebration of life and love went on well into the wee hours of the morn." So probably about 7.30pm so Anna could get back to bed and obviously Jonno couldn't drink and drive back to their far superior snobby hotel with the 4 poster bed.


They go for Fish and Chips. Jonno says he wanted to take everyone but it's not everyone it's his Mum and 2 sisters, out for lunch and for his Mum to pick her favourite place. Bit of an improvement from not wanting to sit anywhere near his family when they were there to distract her. Anna makes a big deal that everyone ordered fish and chips and how hilarious it is.

Before saying goodbye outside the restaurant Anna says "okay let's do this," then acts like they're acting out a scene and oh how funny. Almost like ha Tattle we can say goodbye and not let our grieving parent just wander off on her own. Even laughing saying things like "thanks for the memories" "nice knowing you." She mentions seeing them on the 16th. Shock horror seeing his family while they're in Ireland too!

Anna moans the car keeps marking her white jeans as she gets in.

They go to the airport.

The End.

Yeah such an amazing trip away! I am grateful for the lack of baby making talk. Maybe after the "joke" on Friday that he'd swapped her pill with tic tacs, Olivia Pope had a word.
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@nco88 can you edit your last post to link to this thread not the old one (number 12) please.

I'll volunteer as tribute for tonight's episode.

Here's the thumbnail:
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Such a heartfelt hug there Jon boi.

Give me a little while, gotta make sure I document this shit show right.
Have they changed the thumbnail? This is showing on mine... so random.



I believe it did. Bet he wasn't getting enough views the first few hrs it was up so he had to trick those stupid ass minions into believing they're quitting YouTube or Anna's leaving the show as she's alone in the thumbnail.🤦‍♀️ Their viewers have got to be some of the lowest IQ morons walking the planet!

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What the hell is that thumbnail meant to be??
Is he vlogging a "funnel" and using a blow up doll / porn star wannabe as the caption?
Real classy that 🙄

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I'm guessing his stepfather didn't put up with Jonathan's bullshit and wasn't afraid put him in his place. That's probably why Jonathan didn't really care for him. Plus he always had his bitch wife in his ear telling him how horrible his family was so she helped stir the pot of negative feelings
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