Murphy sisters bla & aoibh

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You know what im actually a bit torn on bla murphy, on one hand there is something very endearing about her, you have to respect that she just puts it all out there and she is who she is, she has a lovely family and is very honest (i think) about life, she wears what she wants, does her swipe ups and at least shes honest about going away (unlike so sue!!) shes honest about her lip fillers etc and doesnt try and preach or pretent to be something she isnt, i have to say though i am somethimes genuinely shocked about what she wears, not to sound like an absolute prude but i just cant fathom being around your parents and family etc with your tits and ass and flaps hanging out 🙈 whenever she goes out and about surely she must feel uncomfortable having it all on show? I agree that if youve got it flaunt it (and yes she has definitely got it!!) but it is so ott and not really appropriate for day to day, maybe im just out of touch but i wouldnt know where to look if i was a waitress serving her at dinner!!


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Totally agree. There is defo something likeable about her. I almost admire her no f*cks given attitude but it doesnt sit right with me , all her bits hanging out of her bikini with the dad in the background of the pics /videos 😂

That video of the thong hanging out in the blue leather trousers was a bit much too 😂 Her style puts me in mind of Farrah from Teen Mom OG.

The sister is riding her coat tails. Not as interesting and a bit of plain Jane in comparison to Bla. Even though she is quite a naturally pretty girl (if that makes sense)

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She has a great body no doubt about it but my girls WhatsApp were only just talking about her - the clothes are way OTT, she has to have it all out all the time. Fair enough for a big night out in Ibiza or something but for going around day to day in Ireland it’s ridiculous. She must get a lot of unwelcome attention and looks up and down, she’s confident fair play to her but you’d think her boyfriend or family would have an issue with the attention she must get dressing like that all the time. She’s also getting a bit old for the outfits and ridiculous length extensions. Her face isn’t aging well.
I’m in my 30s and my Dad still isn’t beyond raising an eyebrow over the newspaper if I wore something that was a little too booby 😂😂😂


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I actually like Bla. She’s gas to watch and seems really nice and genuine. I bet if you met her in real life she’d be the exact same.
I don’t really know what to make of Domo though, he always seems like he’s annoyed at her or uninterested in the videos she takes of him.

Also agree about the skimpy clothes. Part of me wonders if I were better off having her confidence though!
I thought she was really nice when I first started following her but recently I cant stand her or her sister. Her sister is definitely riding them coattails her tits are always bulging from her tops and she is 27 nearly ?? Its constant tits and high slits in her skirts with her fanny nearly on show just proper cheap and tacky looking.. She moved Domo in to her house pretty quick after they got together too

I am surprised that Aoibh didnt go with Bla to greece as she seems to be stuck at the hip with her and domo.. wherever they go Aoibh tags along


I can’t stand the accent she puts on because when she was younger she didn’t speak like that let me tell you 😂 but all in all I like her her laugh is contagious too domo wouldn’t be my cup of tea he thinks he’s massive he makes me cringe he’s more mad about himself then her thinking he’s on a Chanel ad or something 🤨


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Adore their tan, and really like them both too but I’m just so disappointed in the fact that they didn’t quarantine when coming home from France, it’s so selfish, came home and went off on a staycation around Ireland?! Whole family went to France and whole family went down the country. Pics on Instagram prove they didn’t quarantine and everything. Might just unfollow altogether
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