Kerry Whelpdale

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Tried to find a thread for her, but no luck so thought I'd start one...unless I've missed one some how?🙈

Anyway, I've heard people mention her before and seen her name crop up on Meldrums and Conway's threads, so thought we shouldn't leave her out 🤣

I've only just found her, thought her meal planning and slow cooker videos were good, but she comes off a little bit smug? Am I wrong?! Rant or rave away x
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She annoys the tit out of me. At first I thought she was good, nice meals ect. But then she started to be so self entitled and smug. She was on the Tele last week as a WAG and being all... I was suppose to be on as YouTube contributor ... duck off. Plus moaning about her new expensive house (her footy husband paid for), complaining that the old buggars before them didn’t leave it clean enough, shaming Trollop
Maybe it's me but her portion sizes when she cooks a family meal are miniscule and quite basic and bland.
I'm not that keen on watching her, she's a bit nondescript to my mind.
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God she grates on me.
She's punching with her husband aswell. No idea why he went for her she's bland as f

Ps not just in looks but personality
I wondered if there would be a thread on Kerry. I was on holiday at the same hotel as her last year. Had no idea who she was at the time but noticed a few young mum’s ’fan girling’ all over her. She was completely up her own arse and only smiled if the camera was out when she was vlogging her stay.
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Has anyone seen her latest video. No plastic tit rag nearly a 5ver for 4 rolls, joker.
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I used to really enjoy Kerry Whelpdale vlogs but her latest ones trying to keep up with the recent trends of plastic free and vegan themes are just not genuine.

Her latest vlog of Vegan meal ideas weren't even vegan with Tuna, Milk and Egg noodles in the mix. Plus the excitement for a 'Dump Bag' Vlog.... so go plastic free for all the shopping them chuck it all in a PLASTIC bag to freeze and keep for the slow cooker..... um yeah ok.... save the planet! Go Kerry!

I liked her Tesco shops because they were relatable and easy to find and afford the products and meal ideas that went with her shops- even used a lot of them for our own family but now it's more Waitrose shops, and trying to go vegan but not really and trying to say she feeds het family of 4 from 1 chicken for a week..... just losing some of her genuinity. Getting caught up with keeping up with the trends rather than doing what works and is true to her. 🤷‍♀️
These instashams all follow each other or people who are disgusting
Just noticed Kerry follows myka stauffer so unfollowed her just because of that. Brains missing??
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I am appalled by her latest advert... weighing yourself daily surely that could lead to an obsession to some people and could be very very triggering.....
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I only tend to watch her cooking videos for ideas, they can be quite good. I'm not interested in her preachy weight loss/fitness vlogs,or fashion and make up vlogs. I quite enjoy the cook along videos, I only wish she would get the boys to stop shouting over her, they are old enough to know better.
I'm new to Kerry's channel. I just watched her Brighton house tour, where she discussed all of the work they were going to do it.

My husband was sat next to me and we were both gobsmacked at the amount of work they were planning on having done. He said by the time it's done it will look like Frankenstein's monster. Any original charm will be lost.

Why did they buy a bungalow as a family home? All the money they're pumping into the place, surely they could have just used to buy a bigger house in the first place. Not that it's a small house currently.

The earth is literally on fire. Do people have nothing better to do than create waste?!
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