Influencer asking for money and nudes... now vanished

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I have no idea where I can ask for help on this.

I started following an “influencer” on tiktok. It’s a man, and he would post things about how he liked chubby girls, and post basically thirst traps. I felt really suspicious of him, especially as he started pushing his snapchat that you have to pay for and speaking about his Mum who was sick.

I added him on IG as I found it weird he had no selfies on there and wouldn’t record himself. When I confronted him he said he didn’t understand why I was being suspicious.

cut a long story short, he started asking for money to take his sick mum out for dinner for valentines and posted his amazon wish list. He said he got $$$ in days, so could spoil his Mum, and promised to show people a video afterwards.

then he started asking his followers for nudes so he could rate them. He even asked me for nudes and I told him to fuck off!

Now he’s vanished off IG and tiktok. I’m really concerned as he’s taken a lot of people’s money and their nude photos. I have his normal snapchat (I screenshotted it from IG) which shows he’s active.

what do I do? I have some personal information about him, but I’m so upset that he has stolen money and nude photos?
Accept that this happens, that there are still people stupid enough to send a stranger on the internet money, and move on
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