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Thank you so much for finding it @Honeh 💖
So it seems Hannah’s 3 minute chat about mink lashes in her latest video is dedicated to @Oohthedrama !!
she even said she could buy the faux mink lashes from unicorn lashes but as they still make and sell mink lashes she didn’t want to support that!! Well She’s a changed woman now! Ticking every box now isn’t she! humble, genuine, animal activist, but still dull.
Dull as dishwater


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it was @Oohthedrama who said about the lashes on Madisons thread. Will copy and paste her post here, hope it’s allowed 😬

If you want to lie you need to be clever enough to remember what you’ve lied about.

the witches of chav-wick aren’t clever enough to do that, our Boujieee babe and that awful Rachel scank have alway been fake, plastic, unpleasant and insincere

but Han, she’s a clever one, shes shown her true colours to her fans now but many will forgive it because she’s got her act down to a fine art,

I've said this before (and it was why I dipped out of this thread, because I knew she has a fan base here) long before tattle existed she was advertising mink eyelashes, myself and a few others respectfully asked her to look into alternatives as nobody should be supporting mink farming. Not hate. Not trolling. Just a concern about her advertising something so vile.
She blocked me,
I was messing with her bag so she blocked me.

theyre nasty girls and their aim is to get themselves a man with a blue tick, celebrity status or a good wage.
The only thing is han can’t pull off sexy like the other two do.
She’s not the type to get it all out on display like our gurlll madsieeeee.

but it makes her just as dangerous if not more so, nobody is stupid enough to think this is the first time they’ve a a dippeteeequeue partieeee.

vile creatures the lot of them.
lying ass bitttttch trying to cover her past indiscretions after reading these threads me thinks.

poor Han, the mads thread is so active she must be on it all day, maybe she’s posting there 🙃


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It’s just a “joke” because she’s so inactive on socials and she mentioned something about mink lashes in her latest vid which was discussed on Tattle, it’s mentioned above. Madison herself frequents her thread so there’s a high chance Hannah does too 🤣
Ooh I see, Iv not read the threads for a couple of days and trying to catch up now. You girls are good, currently dying at BCW with his bowl getting a trim 😄🤣
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