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Cracklin has verbal diarrhoea. Another weekend where she’s seemingly on the gram
spotting household stuff she wants or wants to get gifted to her - remember to state this Charlotte!

then and this is twice now - she’s got hold of a vintage or new vintage Players cigarettes card saying “Don’t be a Cock” 🐔(well yes I will be actually 😆) she’s posted it not once but twice just to state that yes she can swear 😂oh that’s so hilair (hilarious) wonder if June can read yet?!

also if you’re doing a story or post about your love of vests why can’t you do some work and link to new ones (you’ll get gifted them so not all in vain) rather than droning on about grey vests - when I heard about that I was like “poor Jack, lives in a pastel marshmallow hell and then he can’t even see his wife in pretty vests but they have to be grim grey ones”. I think Cracklin needs a tome gifted to her entitled “How To Be A Better Wife” 🤣😂


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Two things from the Q&A:
1) love that the dog is Jack's responsibility. Called it.
2) why get a dog when your 3 year old is nervous around them? Seems like a really strange thing to do...
I was sniggering at the bit about dog being Jack’s responsibility.

the reason why June might be scared of dogs is Jack’s parents have several rescue dachshunds which according to him can be snappy and bark a lot, so I’d guess that’s one reason why poor little June is scared of dogs. Hopefully with this one though she’ll get used to them, but agreed why get a dog if your daughter is scared of them? Cat better but then maybe not as gramable, potential for far more fun with cats though 😹


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The dog is 100% for gram content. It was her biggest liked picture by double in a long time
Pity the dog is mostly a gramable one...

check her latest posts where she’s wearing her outfits - they all look nice actually bar a dress I think third pic which is totally shapeless.

she then got called out on the fact that none of these outfits were dog walking ones and she then said she wanted inspiration for dog walking jackets etc. I think the person who called her out said she couldn’t use little bags anymore ergo swap those for poo bags.

It’s a pity she’s happy to delegate dog care to Jack yet is happy to use the dog for cute likes etc as and when she sees fit.

I can just see it now - she’s going to use her new office to hide away and “work” and banish June and the dog and Jack from it! 😂


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Another annoying round of stories from the Cracklin going on about how many clothes she has and how she’s stopped buying over lockdown (really dear so the vile coat came into that equation did it?)

then - this is a valid point but I just can see where she’s going with this and it makes me irritated - she’s trying on a pair of Levi’s jeans she has which actually look nice on her, but then she goes into a rant about sizes for bigger women (I get that pain I don’t like jean shopping either), she doesn’t seem to realise or take on board that it’s not only Levi’s who do curvy jeans styles and then she tells her Viewers that because Jack used to work for Levi’s they’re going to speak about this “sizing issue” and put it to them re in between sizes - so basically embarrass Levi’s and try to get some free Levi’s out of them rather than paying for them!

having said that I think she’s having to rethink her style choices because in another story yesterday she showed some nice blue suede boots that will get ruined dog walking.

I was thinking about Cracker’s spiel re choice of dog to Jack:-

a) ok it’s gotta be cute and gramable, preferably cuddly and friendly because even though June dislikes dogs we’re getting it anyway.

b) no sheddable hairs from the pooch - how about a cute Cockapoo!

c) and one final thing - you’re looking after it Jack! 😂🤣


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Forgot I hadn’t bitched about Charl much lately - in her stories today you have to laugh she complains about the puppy farting silently and waking her up earlier than June 😂😂

but she doesn’t half bang on about how woke she is, either in relation to black history month, a fellow influencer who sadly died of cancer or feminism - not saying Cracklin isn’t any of those things but she does lack substance and has form for only posting about them because it makes her look more woke but doesn’t really care about them.

having said that, she’s posted either Aldi or Lidl florentines which I can take or leave but their stollen bites mmmm 😋 I love those
Just my two cents: I think lockdown’s revealed that her niche is going to flowery events, fulfilling the brand’s deliverables, posting gifted ludicrously expensive stuff on stories and maybe pointed refs to her other half and kid.

Zero do’s mean it’s just ENDLESS monologues about the man outside with his leaf blower, the dog she doesn’t/maybe likes, waistcoats, #gifted, Call the Midwife, etc. She seems so old before her time.
I think Charlotte needs to read the room. Showing off her £255 dress during a time when people are losing their jobs & having to use food banks. I used to love following her but now it just seems like she's showing off all the time. Also, she looks like a 7 year old ready for a birthday party
Agreed... it’s all so off. That Benjamin Fox dress & flower bag look was so weird, my bf would rinse me for going out like that


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Am a little bit concerned about the pup. Does she just leave it outside for some time in the day +/- evening? I mean it’s not quite the weather to be out either ... and I don’t do it w my dog but maybe it’s normal!
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