Anna Bey #9 School of Affluence (Escorting)

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When I said she abandoned the dogs some in here kind of defended her ("Oh, they were too big and she never settles, yada, yada, yada...").
There's been many episodes we've seen she doesn't care for animals.
The last one was pretending she cared (Feeding the turtles in Seychelles, but just because someone here gave her this "tip", plus it was great for her image).

If this witch gets a horse I'm gonna be very upset and heartbroken.
She would probably hire someone to take care of it😂😂


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She's too broke to buy a horse, let alone paying a stabble and people to take of it
Yes. To give you an idea, a good proven competition horse is going to cost about 2 Birkins, minimum. That's not looking for breeding particularly, just for a horse that has a proven track record.

My horses' stabling per month is quite cheap right now as I'm doing everything during lockdown (very good way to leave the house and also keep fit!). When lockdown ends, it will cost the same as the average person's monthly rent, although that would include things like feed, bedding + forage which I pay for separately. Equivalent to a pair of Hermès shoes, let's say. Lessons on your own horse with a good trainer can range, but they aren't cheap. Anywhere between Hermes art and an Hermès scarf. Then you have the tack, vet, physio, chiro etc, all before you start competing - which you can't do if you can't drive unless you hire a HGV driver - one wallet on a chain/day?

I can see why she likes her bags instead 🤣
I'm also glad that, even though I'm from a comfortable background, my parents made sure that I work for everything I have & that I genuinely have helped other people through my work and through working with and volunteering for charities. You have so many humbling experiences that way, but the people I've met through doing good things have been so interesting and invested in what they're doing. I think they're the best people - either being proactive in seeking help or helping others improve their circumstances.

Seriously, just cut the crap about meeting a rich man. Develop skills which are useful to others. Use those skills to get a career. Also use those skills to help charitable causes or other non-profit organisations. I don't want to cheapen the spirit of this post by stating who I have met, but I will say that networking with your heart is better than any kind of online finishing school (disclaimer: I didn't meet my partner through charities and if you're volunteering for any reason other than something related to the cause, you're doing it for the wrong reasons).

Edit: I wrote this with one finger, so there will be typos. Sorry!


Which eleghant laydee is going to make a new thread? ☺

So my guess is that Anna made some money from the course, invested it according to Karim‘s advice, now cashed in after the fortune teller told her to sell and is spending the money to finally upgrade her closet at Dior (because her average JOEseph never took her there) but I won’t believe it until I see the dress hanging in her closet 😅
I guess you saw her IG story too, lol did you see how she posed on the couch? Why is she pretending that she’s on the beach lmaooo
Thread locked. We lock threads when they have 1000 posts, click the blue button to see all threads for this topic and find the latest open thread.
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