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  1. Jelly Bean

    Those Happy Days #4 Abandoning vehicles is our game, but obviously it’s others we’ll blame.!

    Thanks to @late to the party! for thread title suggestion. Suggested back in November but relevant today as obviously nothing ever changes with them šŸ˜‚ They are trying to get rid of the green skip at a vast price. Now pretending life on board is amazing and so carefree when the silly sods have...
  2. C

    Those Happy Days #3 Processed plant based consumers, The Burton Taylors of the YouTube shitosphere

    New thread for vanlifes worst advocates. Old thread Thanks to @Zelig and @Observ@h for the thread title (apologies if I've tagged the wrong accounts, it is a mishmash of two suggestions within quotes)...
  3. Jelly Bean

    Those Happy Days #2 Those Crappy Days

    Thread suggestion title by @Dibdabdub Our vanlifers have been in out in out shake it all about with Europe. Back there now. Even though Europe set up all sorts of mean traps to catch them. Please add to a recap!
  4. C

    Those happy days youtubers

    Would like to hear opinions about this couple.