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  1. Gloria Rostron

    This Morning #4 Holly Gormless

    This Morning Thread 4 Congratulations to @Timz, your suggestion had the most likes. Recap: Rumours that Phillip Schofield is a nasty bully are rife, with Amanda Holden, Carol McGiffin and Kim Woodburn speaking out against him. Schofield's affair with a "young runner" has been exposed and...
  2. RJF

    This Morning #2 Hosts are on a revolving door, the whole thing is a total bore

    Come back Fern, all is forgiven…
  3. Invisiblewriter

    This Morning - ITV

    There are individual threads for Phillip and Holly but I thought it would be good to have a general thread on the show. I love Alison but I thought Fridays show was a bit much and it felt like Dermot was steering the show instead of her.