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  1. S

    The House Build #4 Here comes Beggy Bex, successful business or Mr D’s Amex?

    New thread, title suggestion with the most likes from @Polava.
  2. W

    The House Build #3 Beggy Beck’s House Build with Ad/Aff link & pointy toe

    Thanks to @Sassy_nach and @RazRAazRazMataz for the title Hope its alright I couldn't see any other suggestions Summary Becks is shutting down the garden for winter Stull buying (AKA being gifted) 12 pairs of the same trousers and 50 versions of the same dress Breaking COVID Rules when it suits...
  3. Oohthedrama

    The House Build #2

    New thread. continue here..
  4. B

    The House Build - Shady AF

    See recent stories....she does this regularly. Does anyone else follow? Can you even see that it’s gifted!??