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I don’t even know where to start. The woman
is f**king deranged. Of COURSE she had a dream, a vision of her perfect, adorable puppy sent on a sunbeam directly from God’s palm, kissed by dewdrops and bestowed with the blessings of a hundred Botoxed Instahuns. Or, in a nutshell -she got a dog.

I cannot cope with the constant stream of bullshit that flows from those over-inflated lips. And lest we forget, “you lovely lot” (vom) -it wasn’t just any old puppy, it was the tiniest,most vulnerable, hand-raised, pipette-fed, runtiest runt of all! Because otherwise just how would us mere mortals know of Mother Teresa’s of Calwoofa’s selfless acts of salvation. Just one word springs to mind for you, Becks -it rhymes with runt
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Because I know them.
Oh I hate that I want to know the inside scoop, but I do...

Accounts like Becks' are so bloody harmful to followers. At first glance, she's full of motivational quotes and positive chat about how you work hard, play hard and you should make the most of life and initially, it's quite a cheery account to follow. It's only when you've followed for a while that it becomes clear that her talk about being a busy 'businesswoman' who is juggling a career, being a mum and a home is all smoke and mirrors. Anyone who runs a business knows its impossible to do school runs, gym sessions, long dog walks, long boozy lunches AND do a full day's work let alone being home before 5 to cook a meal from scratch. She implies that her success is down to hard work, when actually, she never seems to be at work. She is constantly pout and preening in front of the mirror or by her pool with her ridiculous pointed-foot pose to show off all the gifted dresses, tops, leggings and shoes, and regularly encourages us to buy cheap tacky watches with swipe ups, while she always wears a Cartier or an iWatch.

I called her out on the lack of social distancing while they were on their boozy boat trip, and she's not only deleted it but blocked me and I can't tell you how much nicer my Insta feed is without her inane wittering about 'mask Monday' and 'her world' and the latest dog update. For me, she sums up all that's rotten about Instagram - there's no warmth, no compassion, just fake smiles and cold eyes.
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I saw this the other day and though it was quite apt for some of the insta huns.
💯 percent this!!! All the insta huns do it! The more they do it, the more it becomes acceptable and ‘normal’.

I know some instagrammers will say that Tattle is full of trolls, but I see other people like myself who are just fed up of people portraying everyday fakeness, the misuse of filters, the gifted lifestyles, using kids as cash cows etc etc. If no one says anything, this madness will continue and the younger generation will follow in their parents footsteps, having no values or morals, thinking that a career on social media is more lucrative, and being liked by strangers is more important than real relationships and friendships. I believe you should speak out about these issues. Disagreeing with someone is not being a troll, it’s human nature. We don’t agree with politicians, work colleagues etc but they don’t call people trolls or ‘delete’ negative comments. I agree there is a small minority of people who can be vile online and yes they are trolls. But they are the minority, and if you decide to publicise your life online for the whole world to view, you need to be prepared that you will attract all sorts of personalities.
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I actually know Becks and Andy personally (Becks since we were teens). She wasn't always a tool but unfortunately I would say since around the time Claudia (mother) bank rolled the Bridal shop she started getting worse and worse). It used to be constant boasting on Facebook it was really really tasteless, a lot of her friends got fed up with it and defriended etc. However, since she started the Instagramming and calling herself a property developer (this is completely not true by the way) she has done less on Facebook which is great. She mainly uses Facebook for begging people to vote for Isabella Grace whenever an award is coming up, it is really desperate and I know for a fact she and her family vote for her as many times as they can hence why she has won so many awards. Completely immoral but not illegal. Andy is actually a nice man and it is him who pays all the bills and always has. If it was not from him then they would still be stuck in their town house on the estate they were on about 10 years ago. I remember when he was made redundant about 6 years ago (approx) and Becks went completely crazy. She rang all her friends in tears, ranted on Facebook constantly about how they would lose their home, not be able to afford to eat, his bosses were bastards etc etc. It really was the end of the world, she made less fuss when Andy's Mum died suddenly approx 5 years ago. Of course Andy found a job within weeks paying even more money, she got a new Merc (which she wrote off within weeks, another drama!) and all was well in the world. I could go on and if it wasn't for our kids getting on well I don't think we would still be friendly but we slowly see less of them (as do other mutual friends). It is sad but Becks has really lost her way and has no idea that her constant bragging is tasteless and unpleasant. Urgh
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Also how embarrassing that the PR has the wrong twitter handle. Any company clicking on it will not see her... very unprofessional. Also I am not surprised in the slightest this goes on. These freeloaders have to get their stuff somehow.

I am shocked by how much stuff BD actually buys/gets sent for free. In this era of sustainability how many blouses or shirts of the same style does one woman need.

It is like an illness or compulsion to have have have. Very worrying and not the sort of thing you should be teaching your children.

Also don’t get me started on the skiing trip. The statement ‘Mr D and I want our children to be able to ski’. Jesus Christ it is skiing, a luxury past time not bloody swimming which could save your life one day. Translated as we want our children to be able to do posh hobbies.

I feel sorry for the children of influencers as everyone knows everything about their lives and as a teenager it must be embarrassing at best but has potential for bullying at worst. However the fear is that the children will just turn out like their mother - entitled and privileged and not contributing anything to society other than vacuous Instagram posts purporting to be for the greater good of all of us.
This constant thread of doing it for us... skincare recs... house inspo... recipes. The bottom line is they do it for the likes which bolsters their giant egos and free stuff which becomes addictive and there is no other reason other than that.

Before any BD fans come in with the standard phrase of me being jealous.. I’m not. I have a good professional job a family and nice house... not that any of that matters in any way but this is what these influencers think when they see these posts that we are all jealous nasties.

I just cant stand this whole stock phrase that you can’t criticise as that is not nice or if you don’t like don’t watch.... What we are criticising is the absolute hypocrisy, consumerism and narcissism that these people promote.

They are deluding themselves most if not all of the time.
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That’s the first time I’ve seen the downstairs loo. My eyes are scarred.
Her house is such a cliche....
insta boring same kitchen as every other influencer ✅ fitted wardrobes from The only way is Essex ✅
lounge with matching lamp tables ✅
dining table looking like an explosion the white company factory ✅
bedroom looking like a bland hotel room ✅
bathrooms that never have any dirty towels ✅
and the piece de resistance a quirky downstairs loo ✅.
These stepford women have no independent style or thought
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