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  1. R

    Tashas.journey #7 says shes ditched scabby but tattles suspish. Special specs, granny shoes and still a racist

    New thread for the racist mess that is Natasha Charlotte Harridge (aka Tasha Lottie)
  2. gimm3more

    Tashas.journey #6 racist with an abusive baby daddy, when will she finally ditch scabby?

    New thread for our fave single brain celled mum Continues to put her baby in danger via near suffocation (putting a solid blanket over his pram on a hot day), exposing him to SIDS risks and forcing him to do stuff like go on slides, swings and fairground rides Still with that meth head lookin...
  3. gimm3more

    Tashas.journey #5 baby’s here, she couldn’t care less, puts cheating boyfriend needs 1st bc he needs his rest

    New thread! Well done @rainbowdonkey on the thread title. For context, Tasha openly said that she knows she’s putting her baby at risk of SIDS BUT her sperm donor needs his sleep 🙄 Recap: - Of course baby STAR arrived early to nobody’s shock given that Tasha decided to have a child being in...
  4. gimm3more

    Tashas.Journey #4 Racist bad mum that likes a sugar high but can’t stop Jordan’s wondering eye

    New thread for our favourite compulsive lying mum to be! A recap for new thread: - in news that shocked absolutely no one, she’s got gestational diabetes but as with supposedly everything else in her pregnancy her midwives have “no concerns” - Jordan has clearly done something yet again as...
  5. gimm3more

    Tashas.Journey #3 Racist liar, stuck with a cheat. But that’s okay, his sperm donation is complete

    Winning thread title goes to beeinmybonnet 🥳 who wants to do a recap? 😂
  6. B

    Tasha Charlotte #2 Casual racism and constant lies. Jordan’s a cheat but it’s “just a joke guys”

    RECAP Thread name - @rainbowdonkey Is currently pregnant for the 7th time, the third pregnancy she has had with her current partner, Jordan. They’ve been together less than a year, and their last miscarriage was only in February. Claims they weren’t trying this month, but didn’t use any...