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  1. A

    Supermomslimming #5 has no friends because she’d rob the eye out of your head or the fella out of your bed

    New thread title with the most likes goes to @Poogram and a little #clab from @Stormtrooper101 šŸ„³
  2. Jezzebell

    Supermom Slimming #3 Supermom mehole

    New thread about Teresa McGrath - Supermom Slimming
  3. MrsB1988

    Supermom Slimming (Teresa Mc Grath)

    Surprised thereā€™s not already an active thread solely dedicated to this one. What does everyone think about her drink driving crash over the weekend then? And then coming back on insta to harp on about gaining more followers because people are talking about her. Is that all this woman cares about?