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  1. Mrskane29

    Sophiena_Official #4 Hi Ho, Hi Ho it’s off to blag I go, with a freebie here and a freebie there! Hi Ho hi Ho!

    Congrats @Noonoo99! Had to edit because of length restrictions 😩 Anyone do a recap?
  2. Mrskane29

    Sophiena_Official #3 She can't cook, read or speak but she loves the smell of money!!

    Only thread suggestion that came up! 😁😁 Had to shorten it as it was too long sorry!
  3. FeralShaz86

    Sophiena_Official #2 Money Hungry Mama

    New thread for Soph_B.....let the good times roll No nuggets in Dotties lunchbox today but it did amuse me to see her opening up a big box containing shortbread she'd bought from a seller off Etsy. Of course the box contained a few freebies in it in the hope they'd get a mention from our Soph...
  4. T

    Soph_b / Sophiena_Official

    Does anyone watch her tiktoks? I liked her, she does slimming world and she’s so funny. But then the children started appearing and although they are super cute, I don’t think that’s appropriate. Just my personal views. I’ve just seen her live and thought crikey she’s been on a while…I saw her...