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  1. H

    Sophie Watkins #4 Movin to Bradford with a 6month fling, don’t worry about car seats, it’s a Burga Ting!

    Thanks to @mot93_ for the winning thread title. anyone care to do a summary recap?
  2. Clarity456

    Sophie Watkins #3 Nips always out, dust up her snout, Z-lister mates and gangster dates

    Thread about the Leeds Katie Price smart price equivalent..... Please someone do a recap! @em0156 was responsible for the genius thread title.
  3. Clarity456

    Sophie Watkins #2 Pair of Thailand tits & on hol having my bargain bucket smashed to bits!

    Previous thread As you were everyone! Had to amend to make it fit but well done @Lottielotts on the winning thread title. Someone please do a recap 🙏
  4. N

    Sophie Watkins

    Married to a rugby player with 3 boys, does anyone follow her?