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    Shoestring Renovation #3 The impending poo-show of two under two!

    Continue here! Most liked thread title suggestion was: Shoestring Renovation #3 The impending shitshow of two under two! by @Be More Pacific - changed the naughty word cause I wasn’t sure it would be allowed! 😂
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    Shoestring Renovation #2 From home renovations to constant moaning and spunking money on sleep consultations

    Thanks @teabob for the apt thread tittle. I didn’t see any others, I scrolled back as much as I cba. Find thread 1 here: Thanks everyone for sticking with it since I first tattled Jodie in 2020. Thank you mostly to Jodie for proving me...
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    Shoestring Renovation

    Jodie confuses me with her morals. Bangs on about clearing her debt which plenty of us have, but then goes on sprees and works with companies like Aldi special buys which is full of stuff no one really needs and then thanks us for watching the ads as it helps clear her debt. She’s become really...