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  1. A

    Shauntelle #4 I cook, I clean, I shop on shien. Tongue and nips in all my modest pics

    Thanks to @Aurorapurple for the new thread name šŸ˜ If anyone wants to add a summary, go ahead
  2. F

    Shauntellex #3 Planning my wedding, won’t leave my fresh bedding

    Thanks to @GossPots for the thread title. Thread is for both Shauntellex and her mother homesweetdisaster (Leona) Anyone care to do a recap?
  3. Aurorapurple

    Shauntellex #2 Shan, Shan, shave your tash, the life of Riley and social welfare cash

    Also let's not forget HOMESWEETDISASTERS Thanks to @GossPots for the thread name.
  4. D

    Shauntelle & home sweet disaster always on the beg especially now she’s getting wed

    Daughter shauntelle, she lives with her partner and his mother(who she doesnā€™t show so should not be discussed). Mother Leona who had a baby 9/10 months ago (a longed for IVF baby) who she never quites whinging about now and also has 2 other older kids. Leona is one of the greatest beggy...