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  1. Justwanttochat80

    Roxy Winstanley #4 Ron's dream Insta life is starting to crumble, BJ never sleeps and Scott's on Bumble

    It was time for a new thread so here we go! Number 4. Does anyone want to do the recap of the previous thread?
  2. Justwanttochat80

    Roxy Winstanley #3 She's a witch to Raa and photoshops her bum, always hides Scott and plays the martyr mum

    New thread for Roxy Winstanley If you are new, check out threads 1 and 2. Who wants to do a recap?
  3. Justwanttochat80

    Roxy Winstanley #2 lost litres of blood, has PTSD but back to the gym ‘it’s all about me’

    Thanks to @That'sOk for the thread title! Old thread: Anyone want to do a recap?
  4. GimmeGimmeGimme

    Roxy Winstanley

    Thoughts on this account? I used to enjoy watching her fitness videos, but my god does this girl love herself. She is so vain it's become sickening to watch!