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Jessica Alves (born Rodrigo Alves, 30 July 1983) is a Brazilian-British television personality noted for having undergone dozens of plastic surgeries in an attempt to alter her appearance.

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  1. JAR21

    Jessica Alves #3 Jessica likes to preen and pose, while doctors turn her dick into a new nose

    Thanks to @Panjo for the thread title. He's still deluded and parading around half naked, thinking that we're all envious of him. We're not! Keep tattling...
  2. JAR21

    Jessica Alves #2 My Neck, My Back, Best Tuck In My Ball Sack

    With thanks to @Stripper Vicar for the new title. Recap of previous thread: He's been abroad for a new nose and bum job. Previous thread here:
  3. CarrieW24

    Jessica Alves

    Where is her family, to intervene????