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  1. Telly Fanatic

    Rhiannon Ashlee #6 Lazy Rhiannon, had a kid and retired

    Rhiannon not uploading her first "vlogmas", till the 4th.
  2. AgatheC

    Rhiannon Ashlee #5 Full of rage because Tattlers called her out on painting her child's room beige

    Please continue here, not that there is anything to say about her *yawn*
  3. AgatheC

    Rhiannon Ashlee #4 Hiding her chin with her poker straight hair whilst lounging in her £675 chair

    Welcome to Rhiannon Ashlee #4 Thank you @And_that's_okay! for the thread title, I tried to fit in as much as I could. Please continue here. Not that there's much to talk about with how little she posts!
  4. L

    Rhiannon Ashlee #3 Showing herself compassion, while her subs are given rations

    Thank you to @Lunarly for the tread title.
  5. Gloria Rostron

    Rhiannon Ashlee #2 Only time we see a vlog is when Rhi’s got something to flog!

    Rhiannon Ashlee. Please continue here.
  6. spaniel_2018

    Rhiannon Ashlee

    Thoughts? Can anyone start a thread? Cos I just have!