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  1. Noonoosanne2

    Reality of_rosh #4 Gets Her Clothes From Pep & Co, Still Looks Like The Gruffalo.

    Urmm yeah well it’s new thread time enit ( said in the dreary voice of la’grufallo. Thread suggestion courtesy of @Damocles with 23 votes Let’s see what gifted crap she gets this thread and will L’miserable resemble Mr T by the end of it!
  2. EyeSpy88

    Realityof_rosh #3 fee-fi-fo-fum here comes yeti the beggy from brum

    I haven’t done a new thread for sooo long so apologises if this is wrong! I was looking back for a title and this suggestion from [USER=172055]@Noonoosanne2 had quite a lot of likes!
  3. A

    Realityof_Rosh #2 Sweaty The Yeti

    I've started it, I'm a rubbish VIP member as I can't remember what to do 😅
  4. Smith290419


    Seen as the micro influences section has gone for most. Thought I'd start 1 in here!!