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  1. HmmmReally

    Naomi.loves.sully #3 Jonafun is still in the slammer; empty salon for the “boss mamma”

    I created a new thread - hope this is ok. recap (Not much to recap on) - she’s posting more now, recycling old videos on TikTok especially - still leading a fake boss bitchhh life - Jonathan is still on holiday courtesy of her majesty - still refusing to wear a bra picture attached as I...
  2. T

    Naomi.bouncy.blows #2 Jonafun in jail, ignoring restrictions and hoping for bail

    Thanks @Banny2020 for the thread title! Recap of thread 1: Naomi Clarke (previously known as @naomi.bouncy.blows) is a curly blow dry girl. She has a 1 year old son called Sullivan (“Sully”/“Sul”) with partner Jonathan Clarke Jonathan (referred to as “Jonafun” on here as that’s how she says...
  3. Leahhutchinson


    What do we think of this account? The 'blow dry queen' with the worst fringe I have ever seen