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  1. Justhereforthegossip1

    Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins

    Couldn't see a thread for this show, has anybody been watching tonight? ETA I've never created a thread before and I've messed up the tags
  2. Falkor

    Matt Hancock #3 I'm a sex machine get me out of here

    New thread as we've gone over 50 pages on the second one. Thanks to @Gym&Tonic for the thread title! Matt has managed to be hired and fired from the UN in about 48 hours. Bets are being taken on whether Gina sticks with him or moves on.
  3. coconochanel

    Matt Hancock #2 Team Martha & Olly!

    recap..... the slimy git has been caught having it off with his aide he's left his wife and kids his mistress has also left her hubby and they are apparently living together. carry on
  4. laughing

    Matt Hancock

    What?? More surprised as I did not think he had it in him. Always the quiet ones