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  1. Macadelic

    Markusemzzz #5 Emz & her fishy minge, all she does is full time binge!

    Thread #5 What will this season bring? ☕😂 Thanks to: jazzy22 for the thread name!
  2. Boobiloobs

    Markusemzzz #4 wallpaper is wonky, shame DG did it as he looks like a donkey.

    New thread for Emz, slightly edited title wasn’t sure how many characters were allowed!
  3. Mrskane29

    Markusemzzz #3 Emz has got no mates left Seans seen the light Bretts a effn weirdo and the quiff still looks 💩

    Congratulations @Utterbollocks on the thread title tho I've had to edit it as swearing isn't allowed! As you were! :)
  4. Mrskane29

    MarkusEmzzz #2

    Well done! Anyone for a recap?! Mod edit that title only has one vote and doesn't seem suitable talking about suicide
  5. H


    Recap… Markus and emma were on Facebook live through the whole lock down drinking in the kitchen, they then moved over to tiktok and done it there. It was pretty much daily. Markus has sadly passed away from what I gather was a heart attack. A gofund me was set up to help funeral expenses