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  1. Starfishxo

    Lucy Lou #4 No more uni bursary but works in a imaginary nursery.

    Name suggestion by @RedEd 💛💛🧡🧡
  2. C

    Lucy Lou #3 All The Asda Plates & No Mates

    New thread for mother of the year licey! Loved the tag line so used it lol
  3. Starfishxo

    Lucy Lou #2

    New thread let’s go luvs x Recap we are exposing her n her dumb ass lies and we talk too much so here we are 😚😚
  4. LifeOnInsta

    LucyLou/Lucy Carmody

    What's people's thoughts on this girl? She comes up constantly seems to always be in a drama and has to post videos all about 'why can't we nornalise this or that' another tiktoker who doesn't seem to wash often and claims she's too busy being single mum