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  1. C

    Louise McSharry #4 selfie catfish extraordinaire, she's still fuming she's not on air

    Please continue as you were..... Someone provide an summary of the last thread?
  2. lodgequeen

    Louise McSharry #3 Captain Eyebrows, an energy vamp, moan moan moan, a begging Champ!

    Thanks to @Idontevengohere for the new thread title with 28 likes.
  3. lodgequeen

    Louise McSharry #2 Radio show hit the skids, content will be complaining about the kids

    Thanks to @Mrsoc for the thread title.
  4. Cáca_Milis

    Louise McSharry Moaning Michael her brows are a fright, views so left, she's always right

    Louise. Moaner extraordinaire.