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  1. B

    Loose Women #5

    Hope I'm doing this right as this is my first time posting a new thread!
  2. House of Tea

    Loose Women #4

    Not sure I have done this right, but here goes. Just using same title. Latest - Charlene has undergone a personality transplant. Jane is separating from her OH. Kelle is still mardy. Linda is still a bit thick and has nothing to say. Coleen is still plant based. Denise is still shouty. Nadia...
  3. Gloria Rostron

    Loose Women #3

    Loose Women Recap: A new panellist, Sophie has joined the show. Kéllé and Jane had a disagreement around Meghan Markle, with Kéllé being called rude. Brenda Edwards's son has sadly passed away (RIP). Charlene continues to cause racial division and ignored all of the white panellists in the...
  4. Jelly Bean

    Loose Women #2

    New thread!
  5. O

    Loose Women - ITV

    Starting this thread after a discussion on the Chrissy Teigen thread because on Loose Women they said how her miscarriage photos made them "uncomfortable."