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  1. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Liz Reaney #7 Fake leather, fake tan, fake brands, she’s still mutton dressed as lamb

    Well done @elizadoolittle69 👏 a great description of 🦎 Anyone for a recap?
  2. missiemoomoo

    Liz Reaney #6 Desperate for fame but nobody knows her name!

    Hope I did this right!
  3. A

    Liz Reaney #5 Grief whore, drunk bore

    Thank you to @brandambassador for the winning thread title. Previous thread. Liz Reaney #4 | Tattle Life
  4. Oohthedrama

    Liz Reaney #4

    New thread. title-less after the last attempt to set up thread #4
  5. P

    Liz Reaney #3 Liz and her paste, thinks she’s shrinking her waist, got a ring light, her moustache is a sight!

    Thread #3 on Liz Reaney, well done to @Funtupthehole the excellent title
  6. D

    Liz Reaney #2 Reaney the lips, the accent slips, when she’s in bed eating Apache and chips

    Thanks @joxfor thread title. Anyone want to give a round up 🙃
  7. I

    Liz Reaney

    Cork IGer