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  1. karen1409

    lifewithjadeedwards #5 Beige

    New thread - I think the title says it all about Jade beb Congratulations @miss_americana on winning thread suggestion
  2. Harry

    Lifewithjadeedwards #4 Dry as ...., literally

    Thought it was time to crate a new thread and of course use the epic title suggestion 👏🏻
  3. NapQueenReturns

    lifewithjadeedwards #3

    Thanks to @Sticky One for the thread title! Recap: * Jade beb is pregnant but you’d never know it * Selling Lumi with no ads * Painfully beige, just like her Instagram theme
  4. E

    lifewithjadeedwards #2 shes the only one with a nan, better off spending time with her man

    Her insta handle is so long, all titles have to be so short. Shorted from lifewithjadeedwards #2 you’d think she’s the only person with a nan, she’d be better off spending some time with her man The winner with 52 votes by me. I held off and held off making this thread because mine had the...
  5. Noname123

    Jade Edwards @lifewithjadeedwards

    Hi 👋🏻 Does anyone else follow jadeee_sw?? Ive followed her for years and she’s annoyed me for approximately the same amount of time. I know she is going through a tough time at the moment with her grandad dying and I don’t want this to sound insensitive but I just find the whole thing of her...