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  1. MissPrint

    Life With Ivy Coco #4 Sun, sea & selling your child’s privacy

    Well done to @lolmum for the winning thread title. It’s perfect. Recap: She spent the whole duration of the last thread on permanent free holidays. 👍
  2. MissPrint

    Life with Ivy Coco #3 Apart from advertise freebies what does she do?

    Had to start a new thread. No idea what Kerri does anymore because she flits from high street fashion to high end handbags, face products to pissed at PR events yet there’s no actual in-depth focus on anything. It’s very superficial. If anyone can sum up her content please do! I can’t relate...
  3. L

    Life with ivycoco

    I have recently unfollowed. I used to think she was funny and relatable but now she is a model 🤣 she clearly thinks she is above most people. And the constant #ad's really irritate me. Dont get me started on her 'biz' I purchased something last, the quality and stitching was absolutely...