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  1. G

    Life of the baldwins #5

    New thread for this lot . Sorry I couldnā€™t find a title as thread had gone on šŸ«£ To recap ; Kayleigh decided to leave you tube after The Racoon came for her for exploiting the kids and showing favouritism . She then decided to return and not feature the kids so much . Her content is however...
  2. G

    Life of the Baldwins #4

    New thread Recap : Pretty much more of the same . Boring blogs that include the youngest 2 kids eating lots of rubbish . Lots of moaning and bad hair. They finally reached 10k Kayleigh is desperately trying to push the Sienna has autism narrative. Blatant favouritism of the 2 youngest . The...
  3. D

    Life of the baldwins #3

    New thread! last one went way over!
  4. Telly Fanatic

    Life of the baldwins #2

    #2. House a state , won't buy kids helmets to skate ! Sorry mods I don't know what I have done I tried to start a #2 thread for the life of the baldwins and it's not went on it
  5. Mistymoo

    Life of the baldwins

    At first I taught they were normal šŸ˜‚Mum kayleigh gets on my nerves now when she's vlogging she could be chatting away then she'll go off on a high pitched rant constantly hiding her thumb during hauls šŸ¤”the poor rabbit just gets left roaming around aimlessly no great regard for the animals the...