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  1. MsCurly

    Lailli and Alizey Mirza #6 "I'd rather be fake than fugly"

    A new thread for the Persian/British/Indian heiresses. No one suggested a thread title, so I took inspiration from the most liked comment on the last thread by @qtr100 who said the following about Lailli posting "I'd rather be fake than fugly" on instagram: This is why no respectable brand...
  2. MsCurly

    Lailli and Alizey Mirza #5 Her relationships are bumpy, her ethnicity makes her grumpy, and she's a Trumpy

    A new thread for our favourite Persian/British/Indian/? fake heiress! Congratulations to @stardust.intuition for the winning thread title. This is my first time creating a new thread, so hopefully I've done everything right. Is anyone willing to give us a recap?
  3. L

    Lailli Mirza #4 Fake bags, Fake relationships, Fake money and a Fake rich heiress

    Thanks@cherryblues for title thread Please 🙏🏼 everyone/ newbies check out the wiki and previous threads for background information xxx I’m not great with narratives so anyone please feel free to include a short overview about the legendary LM. I wouldn’t know where to start 😆
  4. L

    Lailli Mirza #3 Fashionova partner, personal shopper, paid promos but not an influencer

    Thread #3 for Ms Lailli Mirza….. Please check the previous Lailli Mirza threads to catch up plus the Wiki!!
  5. lilacbutterfly

    Lailli Mirza #2 25% Iranian, 75% Indian, 100% Pathological Liar

    New thread for Lailli Mirza! For anyone needing to catch up
  6. Zenchick101

    Lailli Mirza (aka Pintsized fashion)

    I can't find a single thread on this girl on here. Thoughts?