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  1. beebee789

    KDawg #12 Pandemoni-YUM!

    Get your 20ps at the ready, Pandy has been unveiled and the hoors are hooring and drooling. Ravie Davie who???
  2. beebee789

    KDawg #11 Yeeze Are Oot! As the Spooky Witch Predicted, Harry & Meghan Have Been Evicted

    Congrats to Case25 @Cass_25 for the winning thread title. The Witches are Back. KDawg and Ravie Davie himself have returned to Tiktok, to regale us all with tales of Crufts, Miley and Mystic Meg's untimely demise. Light your 4-Wickers in celebration.
  3. beebee789

    KDawg #10 JoJo Is Over and Miley Arrives; Screams of Relief Heard from all Tattie Wives

    Welcome back to the madhouse, now starring random Crackpots such as Amanda2 and Joan Collins. Thanks @beebee789 for the thread title. You came in like a wrecking ball. Reminder: James Mclellan is a beast. His 2 prime Enablers Denise Rennie, the fugly slut, and Shamu Steph Sinclair, the...
  4. beebee789

    KDawg #9 Tayto's Bells Are Ready to Jingle. All We Want for Xmas Is That Xmas Single.

    Thanks @beebee789 for the festive thread title. You are my very favourite High Court Grass. This Christmas, we don't care about peace on earth. We don't give a damn about goodwill to all men. What we want is that Christmas Single, as composed and performed by former Tattler and...
  5. beebee789

    KDawg #8 Tayto says NoNo to JoJo

    Well done @beebee789 for the thread title. You have a lovely aura. If you don't know who JoJo is, don't worry; few people do. The celebrity feud of the year has just begun: KDawg the A-Lister vs Mario aka Perez Hilton the Nobody. Also consider this your reminder that James McLellan is a...
  6. Bella2920

    KDawg #7 sharpen your harpoons ladies. it's whale hunting season

    Well done @beebee789 for the winning thread title. not too much of a recap for this thread I don’t think. Except that Kdawg is Bens niece and James McLellan is a fat rapey bastard. As you were… Credit to @MountainThyme for the video below which I think we should add to the start of each new...
  7. Lrkn27

    KDawg #6 Jealous bams forging an alliance when they should get in a bath with an electrical appliance!

    Thanks to @Ocean Pearl for the thread title! As you were fellow KD groupies & for the ones who seem to have an issue with her…roon ye 🖕🏻😊
  8. beebee789

    KDawg #5 New Stalker, Glens Vodka, Ar Di's Biggest Fan. But Knickers Ain't Moving Cos She's a Trashcan.

    Thanks @beebee789 for the thread title. You're getting too good at this. New character unlocked: Nicola - she's obsessed and lovin' it. As you were, Culties x
  9. beebee789

    KDawg #4 The Dugs Are Gone But The Witches Are Back

    Thanks to @beebee789 for the thread title, and for being generally incredible and also ballerina thin. Light your Black Flame Candles Ladies, the new thread has arrived.
  10. beebee789

    KDawg #3 katonas, cat owners & curly heided loners

    Justice for the thread title suggested by @PhannyPhart has been achieved. It was a long and arduous battle against the forces of evil, but we got there in the end. Nobody tell Regina please. As you were, KDolls.
  11. Lrkn27

    KDawg #2 Meghan Markle Stan

    Thanks @Bella2920 for the thread title 🤭 if you frequent the KD lives, you will know how true the thread title is 😏😂 This will be me back in KD’s bad books after her liking me for a wee bit there 😆
  12. beebee789


    Scottish Tiktok's newest Cult Leader. Loves Joe Exotic, Peaches Geldof and the Katona Clan. Hates the Establishment, Cliff Richard and Linwood Farm's Management.
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