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  1. wodemaya

    ImJesRose JesRoseVinyl #3 Fake coat, dyed hair, deleting posts, no one cares!

    Thanks to @Sazzler for the thread title, most votes by far! I hope I've set this up right lol but was long overdue
  2. Spanner

    ImJesRose JesRoseVinyl #2 Racist tweets, no dog, free meat!

    Hope this is ok
  3. M

    Loftnq - jesrosevinyl

    I saw there wasn’t a thread for loftnq Instagram so I had to make one 😂 I used to love her Instagram but honestly since she has moved into her new house she’s been doing my head in. She’s become an uncontrollable beg. I’ve just seen a post on her stories complaining that no one has seen her her...
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