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  1. F

    ImJesRose JesRoseVinyl #4 Slim and petite, absolute freak, Made up stories, massive Tory.

    New thread for the teeny tiny racist and her overpriced stickers. Had to edit the thread title as it was too long. Hope it’s ok!
  2. wodemaya

    ImJesRose JesRoseVinyl #3 Fake coat, dyed hair, deleting posts, no one cares!

    Thanks to @Sazzler for the thread title, most votes by far! I hope I've set this up right lol but was long overdue
  3. Spanner

    ImJesRose JesRoseVinyl #2 Racist tweets, no dog, free meat!

    Hope this is ok
  4. M

    Loftnq - jesrosevinyl

    I saw there wasn’t a thread for loftnq Instagram so I had to make one 😂 I used to love her Instagram but honestly since she has moved into her new house she’s been doing my head in. She’s become an uncontrollable beg. I’ve just seen a post on her stories complaining that no one has seen her her...