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  1. P

    Jennifer Wrynne #3 Getting ready to walk down the aisle no doubt in traveller style

    If someone would do the recap, please.
  2. Roisin Dubh

    Jennifer Wrynne #2 Funding her new gaff with affiliate links and selling her secondhand tat

    Thread #2 for Jennifer Wrynne, wannabe flogger from Leitrim. Jenny seems to have an issue with inflated selling prices. Having owned A boutique in Powerscourt brimful of overpriced tat from Ali Express, she is now selling on her secondhand hats with a faux and heavily inflated original selling...
  3. Roisin Dubh

    Jennifer Wrynne The Queen of Ali

    Irish instagrammer and former boutique owner. In light of the recent revelations about Boohoo etc, promoting ‘get that trend’ like she’s doing just seems entirely tone deaf??