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  1. J

    Jasmine Lipska #4 Visa's expired, right wing admired, shady biz is bound to backfire

    Thanks to @hippoo for the title idea! New thread, new country, new scams! Let's keep up the exposing as much as we can!
  2. J

    Jasmine Lipska #3 Spammer and Scammer Heading to the Slammer

    Thanks to @Ladyhush38 for the title idea! New readers, welcome! Please check out the wiki for more information! Helleww my loves how are yeww doing! I can't believe this is the third thread! Not even including the old ones. I really am stepping into my powurrr by gaslighting, gatekeeping and...
  3. J

    Jasmine Lipska #2 bankrolling hubby Scampbell, courses to sell, onlyfans when? Only time will tell

    *swishes dry ass crusty blond hair* *Clasps hands to squeeze boobs together* *Filter on* *Fake, lumpy smile on* *Blinks dodgy lash extensions* Hello my loves and welcome to the second thread!! 2021 was such an eventful year full of scamming young girls, abusing dogs and of course my favourite...
  4. ExposetheNarcs

    Jasmine Lipska

    Can someone please start a thread for Jasmine Lipska under Instagrammers 🙏 @Helen @Oohthedrama Title - Jasmine Lipska: Radiate lies, choose lawsuits Jasmine is an unqualified “life coach” selling crazy overpriced coaching/self love/mind programming sessions and products all copied and...