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  1. Mjaumjau

    Icovetthee Alix Coburn #2 Nothing but crickets (and the occasional croissant)

    Thank you @CheshireLove the new thread name, I just added Icovetthee in case her old fans were to google her and see whats she is up to. Anyway, nothing new is happening but we managed to get to a new thread, that's more work than Alix has put into her influencer full-time job in a good while...
  2. P

    Icovetthee - Alix Coburn

    Any views on her? Shes so bloody boring, dull as a dodo. What’s happened to all the colour in her wardrobe? And I saw her post that she was plant based - ish the other day, what does that mean? Either she is or isn’t thought she was 100% plant based?