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  1. Jelly Bean

    Giles Coren #2 Children of the Coren RIP Dawn Foster.

    Sorry I have no idea who credit the thread title with 😂 Well impossible to entirely summarise the entire last thread. Giles Coren mocked the death of a young journalist, Dawn Foster. This was rightly greeted with horror by many people. He clung on to his BBC Amazing Hotels programme, but...
  2. AlwightDallin

    Giles Coren - offensive, diminutive, entitled

    I do feel this Daddy’s-fame-rinser deserves his own thread. Recently he’s: - tweeted how happy he was that a fellow journalist has died at a fairly young age & that she should go ‘off to hell’ - then deleted and reposted the tweet removing the reference to hell and replacing it with laughter -...