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  1. Nuttyzebra

    Gemma Collins #4 The thing I really like about The GC is she'd never make up stuff to get into the news.

    Thread title thanks to @ChickenLicking, struggled to find a title. Carry on discussing the GC and her incredible 6333 stone weight lose x
  2. 265

    Gemma Collins #3 The GC is full of delusion, 3 stone loss causes confusion.

    Welcome to #3, thanks to @Mikesqueen for the thread suggestion. Previous thread - As the previous thread has over run by five pages I thought I better start a new one...
  3. 265

    Gemma Collins #2 How many times has she lost 3 stone? She should be skin and bone

    Thanks to JakeM for the suggestion. Last thread - Carry on people.
  4. T

    Gemma Collins

    She makes my blood boil!