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  1. pasodoble

    Emma Hill #4 Turd of a human being

    Many thanks to @Silly Sausage for the thread title! Life at the beige bunga continues, as Emma and Simon entertain themselves with exciting activities such as making biscuit pyramids, filling storage jars with nuts and seeds, and painting everything in Little Greene Joanna (including the gym...
  2. AmaliaLana

    Emma Hill #3 Still on the shill, if you will

    It's new thread time, yeah.. Winner of the thread title is our @Al Fresco , congratulations! The "countryside" bungalow with potential saga is still in full (snail) speed going: šŸŒ - new fireplace installed, parquet flooring ripped out, may or may not be sold as brand new with tags on depop...
  3. AmaliaLana

    Emma Hill #2 Content is reduced, reused, and recycled, but her wardrobe is brandnew

    After the false sighting of (our) Emma's coming out, we were finally able to finish the first thread. That being said, do not confuse her with Emma Tamsin Hill! Since the pandemic hit (or actually already before) Emma hardly posted anything relevant. Her greatest hit of 2020-2021 so far...
  4. T

    Emma Hill

    Thoughts? I feel like her latest vlog was an example of applying a fast fashion perspective onto home decor. Buying trend led bits & pieces that you grow out of after 3 years. and chuck it all out to delve into a new trend.... seems to be relevant to a lot of bloggers nowadays, usually "kindly...