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  1. B

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #18 girls are made of sugar and spice, Elphaba is made from scabies and lice

    New thread following on from overflowing #17 Congratulations to Sassmaster3000 with the winning thread title Recap below Same shit different day. Still burping, farting and covered in scabies. Moving around from town to town. Maria did not spend Christmas with Elphaba. Rants about trolls...
  2. lestarkettlex

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #17 Flashing his peen, desperate to be seen. Still faking Tics, now pay him for pics!

    Good day fellow elphas! Thank you @My2pWorth for the thread title. We’ve got National ignore elpha week coming up soon, who is excited!
  3. lestarkettlex

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #16 The green faced, Sing song head.

    Morning all. Whizzing through these threads faster than elpha to the refund helpline at zizzis. Thank you @wtafisthis1980, you win a gift card to prestigious designer nutmeg of the sainsburys, don’t spend it all at once. Recap anyone? - still calling emergency lines as pre drinks before nights...
  4. lestarkettlex

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #15 Lost his bag, got no vag, not bothered to tuck, constantly covered in muck

    Thank you @kiwibabs for the thread suggestion ✨ (We will save yours for the next one @BeansOnBeans , promise x) Recap : Same old same old ✨
  5. lestarkettlex

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #14 a nosh with Rosh, running out of dosh, lies about dox

    Ere we are!! Thank you @Milfordcubicle you win, pus. Straight from the boil. recap please! dropped from Brighton Pride Air drums impression Big bed jump Maria dressed as elphaba A boyfriend for 18 hours! What next? ✨reminder if you’re new here,hi! We all respect our choices on the pronouns...
  6. lestarkettlex

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #13 sexual phone calls, still got balls, done with men? Alright hen x

    G’on then haters, swing us a recap whilst I get ready for work x
  7. wtafisthis1980

    Elphabaoriondoherty #12 She’s got nits and she’s got zits, when all she really wants is tits and lady bits

    Thanks to @chlosib for the most liked thread title suggestion in thread #11 - you win a beautiful zit-blood stained polka dot-backed lettuce dress :m Elphaba is currently on live with CLA singing Opera.... :eek:😫
  8. Deeznutslol

    Elphabaoriondoherty #11 went Camden market, spent a sum, got a fake Gucci for sticking it up her bum

    Congrats @Littlegoldfish123 for the winning thread title, you win a 100% real and definitely not fake LV bag from camden market 😁. Elphaba has been outstaying her welcome at CLAs house for the past week, elphaba has head lice, there have been more assault/harassment/transphobia claims and...
  9. K

    Elphaba #10 The Liar, The Beg and the Grey Boots, fake BFF with nostrils aroots

    Thank you @BeansOnBeans for the new title, your prize is an exclusive test tube of Elphaba's burst cysts😁. To recap the last thread we have had; - Elphaba allegedly being SA'd (whilst out clubbing with a random new BFF) which he polled users to see whether they believed him or not - He has...
  10. Deeznutslol

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #9 Elpha and her “tics”, skiddy nicks and bumhole pics

    Thank you @Loppylou89 for the new title, your prize is an exclusive picture of Elphaba’s bumhole 😁. So in the last thread we saw images of Elphabas khyber pass get leaked and he was finally called out for faking Tourette's. Elphaba is fully moved back in to mums house but is currently in London...
  11. gimm3more

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #8 poo on the loo, erections on stage, Elphie’s singing and antics fill us with rage!

    Thread number 8 is here already I couldn’t find a title suggestion after like 5 pages so created my own hope that’s okay As you were Wicked witches xo
  12. Deeznutslol

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #7 elphie’s being kicked out, goes on live for clout and to cry it out

    Chaos is currently ensuing! Jacks mum is currently on live telling her side of the story about elphaba getting ‘kicked out’! Thank you @beefflaps for the emergency thread title, your prize is elphies old bedroom since it’s now vacant 😉 might wanna fumigate it first x
  13. Deeznutslol

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #6 Rock hard sock, new kecks for her cock, Elphabars become the laughing stock of TikTok

    Welcome to thread 6! Thank you @doingtherightthing, you are the winner of this weeks thread title, your prize is a one of Elphabas rock hard crusty cum socks 🤤 enjoy x
  14. Deeznutslol

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #5 hasn’t washed since last year, shampoo is the biggest fear.

    Thankyou soooo much for the new thread title @exposedtomatos ! Your prize is a present from WHSmiths (paid for by her tiktok gifters of course) xoxox
  15. Deeznutslol

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #4 Unclean, green, on the London Scene, fly undone showing her peen.

    Thank you @Littlegoldfish123 for the thread title, your prize is a 1 hour private karaoke booth session with Elphaba x
  16. gimm3more

    ElphabaOrionDoherty #3 The only things Wicked are her personal hygiene and matted hair extensions

    New thread about time! Who wants to do a recap?
  17. Squittel

    Elphabaoriondoherty #2

    Still grubby. Still singing. Still tragic.
  18. Mrskane29


    People have been asking in other threads for one!