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  1. Winthropp Tuesday

    Dylan Mulvaney #2 It took 222 Days of ‘Living as a Girl’ to get an audience with The President

    New thread to carry on discussing 10 Milly for Dilly. No real contenders for a thread title, so I took @Ekathrina ‘s post which was the most liked! To recap: he’s still an attention seeking LARPer, his facial feminisation surgery has turned him into Caitlyn Jenner’s lovechild. He celebrated...
  2. Winthropp Tuesday

    Dylan Mulvaney

    Don’t think there’s a thread on Dylan yet - but it’s about time the account was discussed as the last few weeks they’ve created quite the furore getting gigs at the Forbes Power Women’s Summit, discussing womanhood on a podcast with another biological male and getting an audience with President...
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