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  1. DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX

    Dugheed #5 Still a floozy, but a little less boozy. How long will it last now she’s out of her cast?

    Yes it’s time for thread number 5 for Dennistouns answer to Lolo Ferrari. More like lilo, she’s a fucking mattress. Spends her days guzzling wine or guzzling cum, mind you she charges men an extra tenner for that service. As you were.
  2. Muchbee

    Dugheed #4 Desperate Dan & The Lampman

    Manda the manky alky sauna burd everyone's been jealous of since nursery
  3. Muchbee

    Dugheed #3 Memoirs of an Auld Lapper

    Leah, dugheed, Amanda she's so beautiful and perfect and we're awww jealous because we cannae be alcoholic hoors for a living
  4. S

    Dugheed #2

    Following on from the train wreck that is dugheed
  5. Jaybtee


    Does anyone else watch her? 40-something from Glasgow. I have followed her for a while but she seems to be getting stalked by someone a lot