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  1. Justherefortittle

    Denise Curran #5 Ran the roads, spreading the pox, doesn’t care her ads are all flops

    New thread 🧵 And request sent to admin to update the title Denise Curran #5 Ran the roads spreading the pox, doesn’t care her ads are all flops
  2. S

    Denise Curran #4 One steak between two, Mummy Matters has gone down the loo 🚽

    New thread for Freenise. She’s gone quiet on socials as past few days. Must be praying to god for this week’s lottery numbers so she can relocate to Hillsborough. #godisgood Otherwise, it’s yellow label from M&S for the foreseeable and shops in Lie-del. Away off yeeee goooo thur now, wee toots!
  3. S

    Denise Curran #3 Rich or poor, Posh or Tosh, fond of fables and yellow labels.

    Well done to @Rosesarepink for the winning thread title. 🥇 Link to previous thread here Freenise is just back from a rather basic looking 16 day holiday where her...
  4. Justherefortittle

    Denise Curran #2 Size 8, eats like a sparrow, unless it’s free then she’ll need a wheelbarrow.

    New thread thanks to @here4thenose4321 Sorted old thread by most likes and yours is the most loved
  5. I

    Denise Curran

    Denise Curran. Northern Irish instagrammer who can’t seem to follow the Executives rules regarding Covid-19