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Eleanor Laura Davan Mills is a British food writer and entrepreneur under the brand Deliciously Ella. She was an advocate of clean eating but turned against it after a media backlash that questioned its health benefits and claims she never used the term herself.
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  1. stardust21

    Deliciously Ella #4 Bland burgers and branding under CEO Matt, daily affirmations won’t change that

    Hello and welcome to another episode of how the humble gal becomes a girl boss. In the last episode, we recalled how contradictory it actually is for Ella to claim she comes from humble beginning...
  2. stardust21

    Deliciously Ella #3 Deliciously delusional and munchable Matt

    Hi guys. Created a new delicious thread filled with garlicky goodness you. It’s perfect for taking time to yourself from your incredibly busy lives, but your lives won’t be as busy or as hectic as mine, obviously. I’m just so important and aMazing Matt works me to the ground in my own business...
  3. Yel

    Deliciously Ella #2 Matt was the best birthing partner, feeding me coconut water and peanut butter

    Thread title by Ella herself. Recap of the last thread: She works so so hard, popping into work when she wants to while the nannies look after the children. Unable to go a day without posting something like “we work every hour we can”, “it has to be early in this house” or something else about...
  4. B

    Deliciously Ella - Ella Mills Woodward and Plants By DE

    Anyone else find her nauseating and irritating? I used to really like her up until the past few years. She acts holier than thou because she is vegan. She seems like the type of person who will be an anti-vaxxer. If it wasn't for the fact that her father was a Tory politician (Tim Sainsbury) and...