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  1. It works if you work it

    Dazlin cleaning & sister pledge #3 Boring Babs' 5* holiday, Courtesy of go fund me money

    Thanks to @obviously.... for the thread title. As we all know Babs, Mr Babs and mini Bab are off on another jolly so the title couldn’t be more apt. Babs is till a boring twat. Swan,Brillo,Pegging and acting all Missmoneysaver doing dead local radio, telling you how to save pence washing your...
  2. Funnifing71

    Dazlin cleaning & sister pledge #2 Ads & farts with swipe ups galore. Prep to snore, such a bore

    Congrats to @Lenalulu for the thread title, this was the most liked but shortened to fit - Ads, farts and more, with swipe up galore. Prepare to snore coz this pair are a bore. Not sure if i have tagged this thread correctly so apologies if you struggle to find it 😕 To recap last thread...
  3. M

    Dazlin cleaning & Sister pledge

    Started a thread for these two! I used to follow both of these but I couldn’t stand either of their voices or how they had sly digs at people. But never came out and said what they meant. another pair of greedy grabbing twats! And the cleaning of public toilets did my head in. 🤮🤮😮
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