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  1. A

    Dancing On Ice 2023

    Bit later than the thread I made for it last year :D https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/20279627/dancing-on-ice-pairings-joey-essex-patsy-palmer/ Could have called Joey being put with Vanessa. He falls in love so easily so get ready for that as well.
  2. E

    Dancing on Ice 2022 #2

    Continue here
  3. A

    Dancing On Ice 2022

    Too early :LOL: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/16253709/coronation-street-sally-dynevor-dancing-on-ice-2021/ She's got to do something because despite decades in a iconic show she's now best known for her daughter being in Bridgerton :D She can get some tips off others who have done the show...
  4. calmyourritas

    Dancing on Ice #2

    For more discussion of the shit show that is DOI 🤣 don’t know why I’m bothering keeping up this year
  5. GiggleBee

    Dancing on ice

    Anyone watching? What on earth is Gemma Collins wearing?!
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